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Why Chase Rice, Promoter and Fans Deserve All the Criticism (The Six-Minute Music Business Podcast)

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A controversial show by country artist Chase Rice has led to a bevy of criticism by other artists.
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Rocket to the Stars is an artist services record label with clients throughout the world. We work with aspiring and professional musicians by providing top-level services ranging from biography and press release writing to designing sponsorship proposal decks, websites and press kits. We also help clients with their live performances and the production of their shows. Our clientele is made up of artists of several genres, including country, rock, pop, jazz, blues, metal, hip-hop and more.

Rocket to the Stars was founded by long-time radio veteran Wade Sutton. His strategies have been featured on top websites such as CD Baby and Discmakers. His article, "Musicians: Get a Real Job!", was named by CD Baby as one of the site's top ten articles for 2015. He has also been a guest on webinars hosted by Berklee Online founder Dave Kusek and music marketing expert Michael Brandvold (KISS, Dream Theater, Britney Spears).

His most recent book, Hacking Music: The Music Business Model Canvas, is co-authored with John Pisciotta of Jetpack Artist Ventures in Nashville and former Tim McGraw keyboard player Jeff McMahon. It also includes contributions from multi-hit songwriter Brent Baxter (Lady Antebellum, Randy Travis), sync licensing expert Michael Elsner and Belmont University professor David Herrera. Sutton's first book, The $150,000 Music Degree, was co-authored with former Taylor Swift manager Rick Barker.

In May 2018, Sutton launched The Six-Minute Music Business Podcast. The podcast quickly captured the attention of many in the industry and was named by CD Baby as one of "5 Music Business Podcasts Artists Can't Live Without" ... this after the release of only 21 episodes. Artists can find the podcast on all major streaming services, including YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Radio and Stitcher.

In addition to being an advocate for music artists, Wade is also an active speaker. He has appeared at several workshops in Nashville and was a featured speaker during the 2018 Music Entrepreneur Conference at Harvard University.

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Wade Sutton photo 1 Why Chase Rice, Promoter and... Wade Sutton photo 2 Why Chase Rice, Promoter and... Wade Sutton photo 3 Why Chase Rice, Promoter and... Wade Sutton photo 4 Why Chase Rice, Promoter and...

Wade, I love the show. Listen as much as I can. Thank you for this episodes especially. Our situation makes no sense whatsoever. Americans have been wearing seatbelts, they have been xrayed prior to getting on planes, they have worn safety gear in certain employment situations, motorcyclist have been required to wear a helmet, and now all of a sudden in the face of a truly Monumental enemy, they can't simply put on a face mask and stay apart. I've been making a little money playing music in Phoenix and that business evaporated instantly on March 16th. Not at all sure what I'm going to do but listening to your show does give hope. Thank you

by The Big Zephyr 4 weeks ago

Dude as usual.... NAILED IT! Couldn't agree more

by Chris Dunnett 1 months ago

Agreed...it comes down to politics at this point....amazing the lack of common sense. Maybe the adminstration thinks the country is overpopulated and this is their plan to thin the heard.

by SCARECROWZ BAND 1 months ago

Yes it is SSSSOOOO true there is no leadership at the top! And there is little to none at the bottom. Here in San Diego bars, breweries and wineries were ordered to close at midnight if they do not have a license to sell food. BUT WAIT, if you partner with a restaurant, you can stay open starting today. The county did finally try to put a stop to live music since there are no guidelines and the fact is, as you said, no one is going to follow them. I'm itching to gig, but safety first. Since it's not happening from the top down, let's all do our part to start it from the bottom up. I don't see any other way at this point.

by Dale Cooper 1 months ago

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