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Vikkstar123 photo 1 KSI WAS MY ASSISTANT FOR... Vikkstar123 photo 2 KSI WAS MY ASSISTANT FOR... Vikkstar123 photo 3 KSI WAS MY ASSISTANT FOR... Vikkstar123 photo 4 KSI WAS MY ASSISTANT FOR...

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by Vikkstar123 1 day ago

JJ: has strength tattooed on him
Also JJ: gets scared by a toaster.

by Wafi Naseem 1 day ago

The thing is, he's way too nice. He probably even apologised between the scenes for what he's about to do lmao.

by JackPlaysMusic 10 hours ago

Is anyone gonna realise the fact JJ's handwriting looks like hieroglyphics

by Fozzy 9 hours ago

JJ: using a mop
Dax: *happy janitor noises*

by Anirudh Menon 10 hours ago

JJ: I’d like to APOLOGIES

not even apologize.. apologies

by Curren Kong 10 hours ago

Vik: "Let's just really quick make you bald"
Fans: "YES, YES YES YES!!!"
Vik: "I am just kidding"
Fans: "NO, NO, NO, NO!!!"

by DeathlessFury 1 day ago

he protec, he attac, but most importantly he cleans vik’s flat

by itsPorfi 10 hours ago

Imagine how controversial this would be if Vik was white...

by Samuel Carmona 10 hours ago

KSI: bullies DAX for being a janitor

Also KSI: has to clean his hallway

Reddit is gonna be loving this video.

by Skidoo 11 hours ago

Everyone’s pointing out the “apologies” but ignoring the fact that JJ doesn’t know how to spell Vikkstar

by JB 21 hours ago

almighty vik 😀

by LU3K 4 hours ago

when jj was talking about his spare time, and vikk replied with "sounds like sh*t", was priceless! 🤣🤣🤣

by Carl-Magnus Delector Arnesen 7 hours ago

This video has to get 50,000,000 for vik to get his money back, wish him luck

by Cookie Cutter 20 hours ago

Im just glad that jj’s hand writing is worse than mine

by Zocz 4 hours ago

Vikk changed his shirt from a black Givenchy to a white Givenchy 💀 mans ballin 😂

by Ozner of Playz 11 hours ago

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