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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Model Unboxing

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Microsoft sent over some models of the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for unboxing. These are not able to be turned on but are exact physical matches for the eventual retail units.
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Unbox Therapy photo 1 Xbox Series X and Xbox... Unbox Therapy photo 2 Xbox Series X and Xbox... Unbox Therapy photo 3 Xbox Series X and Xbox... Unbox Therapy photo 4 Xbox Series X and Xbox...

Series S looks good for me. 1440P gaming is sweet, don't really care bout 4K gaming.

by Karl Rock 1 week ago

People talking about "I'm going from X to Series X can't wait"
Boy I'm going from litteraly the first Xbox One to Series X, my TV better follow

by Mathéo Besnier 1 day ago

They actually look good. Really didn't like the look in pictures, but seems they are actually good loking in person. Sort of like BMWs lol

by Stanley Ndirangu 1 day ago

I would buy the S but I really want the disk drive

by Spore 78 3 days ago

"Borderline Impressive"
Xbox engineers have left the chat

by Will C. 2 days ago

I still laugh at people complaining about the designs...I mean it's literally in the name x...BOX.

by MRCM16 6 days ago

The mini cube would’ve be a billion times cooler tbh

by CrackerTweak 2 days ago

I am still so impressed that the Series S has SO MUCH power crammed into that TINY box.

by Isaac Beeby 2 days ago

When starting the white one:

Hi! I'm Stockton, your 299$ bluetooth speaker!
Bluetooth mode!

by OldDrunkMusic 2 days ago

I really like how small the series s is, and I'm more than fine with 1440p gaming.

Would be perfect to play cod + some indie games on and use as a streaming machine for watching series etc.

by Noel Snöfall 1 day ago

“It’s about one controller wide”
*Welcome to America’s metric system*

by kcat36 6 days ago

me liking / having owned both xbox & playstation: having a crisis

by Rebecca Moore 2 days ago

This guy sounds exactly like Ty from Dude Perfect

by Hadrian Dunn 3 days ago

imagine gifting a console to someone and just giving em a burden of having to pay monthly just to get it fully working lol

by Zen 1 day ago

Windows10 on these thing! It's gonna sell like hotcake! Imagine Xbox s win10 edition! 1080p 144hz Dream on budget

by JAYA KUMAR 1 week ago

The series x is actually bigger then I thought it was.

by Henry Crowther 3 days ago

I have a 4K television why wouldn't I care about 4K gaming, bring it on 🔥💪👍😎

by Tony Jacob 1 day ago

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