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My Dog Answers Fan Questions

#funny dog #my dog has a puppy sleepover #plays with puppies while answering fan questions #tucker the dog #Pets & Animals
My Dog Answers Fan Questions
Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
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"Is Linda annoying?" Tucker: Y E S "Is Dad annoying?" Tucker: Y E S

by beedsj roiue 1 day ago


No one:
Not even darth Vader:

Tucker: yes

by Elliana Kerr 2 days ago

My cat is watching this and is idk when Tucker said he doesn’t like cats
Edit: wow 14 likes already I wrote this two days ago and it got 14 likes ty

by Slimer Gamer Zo Zo 3 days ago

You can tell he's a lover boy when he ran off to find his wife instead of answering the question.

by Peace Lover 1 week ago

I don't know why I actually got offended when he said he didn't like cats.

by Aleksandra Nowicka 2 days ago

“Does Linda stink?”

Lays down on yes button

by MUSTACHE Gacha 1 day ago

He has such a comical face even though he is a doggo

by spam_bot io 1 day ago

Dogs have thoughts like humans, but humans sometimes have thoughts like dogs

by ELP 4 days ago

I have a question: “Do you like causing mischief?”

by J 3 days ago

Here is a question.

“Do you like squirrels?”

by lushiousꨄ 2 days ago

Linda: You’re mean

Not a single soul:

by Strxwberry Cow 1 day ago

this is a yes or no question " how long does tucker get treats"

by Vivienne Wieser 1 day ago

"Is Linda annoying?"

Tucker: Y E S

"Is Dad annoying?"

Tucker: Y E S

by Christian Playz 1 week ago

Omg when he whined for journey it made my heart melt...he’s loves her so much

by Hallie Dugan 2 days ago

question for tucker: have you ever farted on Linda's breakfast?

by BaconLeaf 1 day ago

For tucker, would tucker love to have a baby puppy with his wife

by Alyssa Garcia 3 days ago

Owner: Have you ever farted on Linda's pillower?
Dog: Yes more than twice in one sitting.

by Joe's Channel 2 days ago

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