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Why Mark and Patricia McCloskey STAND-TALL & Armchair Commandos Suck ~ Rex Reviews

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MSM has reported that just over 100 "peaceful demonstrators" were harassed by this 60+ year old entrapped couple, although reports from the ground indicated that up to 500 RIOTERS violently tore down and destroyed their cast iron front gates, marched through their yard, and aggressively closed in on the home of Mark and Patricia. Believing this could be their last day on earth, they effectively deterred the rioters from harming them and burning their home only to be ridiculed by leftie MSM as well as armchair poser commandos on the right - who have NEVER been in this kind of situation - EVER..
Context: Historically, according to Herodotus, at the battle of Thermopylae Leonidas has a strength of 5,200 men VS Xerxes I of Persia who had 2,641,610. Those were odds of 507:1, very similar to what happened here. However, in this situation, the resolve and fortitude of the Mark and Patricia DETERRED the fight form even happening, making them outperform Leonidas in terms of actual; results..
This is REAL LIFE. This is not a comic book. If you haven't been in this situation... please shut your mouth!

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