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How Small Communities can COMMAND Law and Order ~ Rex Reviews

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The unheard story of how a rural community that stood against incoming mayhem and came out clean and smiling. It was a community effort: Bikers standing with cowboys, roughnecks, shopkeepers, brewers, and veterans, under the kind watch of local police and sheriff deputies all dedicated to protect their homes and businesses.

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TiborasaurusRex photo 1 How Small Communities can COMMAND... TiborasaurusRex photo 2 How Small Communities can COMMAND... TiborasaurusRex photo 3 How Small Communities can COMMAND... TiborasaurusRex photo 4 How Small Communities can COMMAND...

Nothing better than Americans defending Americans.👍🏻👏💪🏻🙏🏼

by Michelle Michelle 3 months ago

This has come down to "WE THE PEOPLE". And we the people are DONE with this crap. Protect your own, Semper FI!

by richard brooks 3 months ago

OK, here's how I would handle the situation in Seattle/Atlanta.
“1. Set up a perimeter around their so-called border, complete with concertina wire, armed border patrol agents, and checkpoints. At these CHECKPOINTS, post huge signs saying, "You are now entering the United States of America. Please have passports and travel papers ready". Deny them entry into the U.S.
“2. CUT OFF their electricity, water, and sewer systems. Since they are autonomous, they must supply their own infrastructure. If they wish to use American infrastructure, they must pay for it -- at international rates.
“3. Place TARIFFS on any goods or foodstuffs they wish to IMPORT into their autonomous zone, same as you would with any other country.
“4. Cut off their access to WI-FI and CELL SERVICE. Since they are autonomous, they must establish their own corporations to provide these services. If they wish to use American internet and phone services, they must pay -- at international rates.
“5. If they wish to return to the United States, they must APPLY for IMMIGRATION, just like any other foreigner would. If they sneak into the country, put them into detention centers, then deport them back to CHAZ.
“6. Sit back and laugh when they start realizing the real world isn't like playing Sims in Mommy's basement.”

by Leliu 5thElement 3 months ago

If the 300 Spartans just kneeled to the incoming enemy ? They still would have died though faster and no one would even remember them ! It’s better to die on your feet than living on your knees !

by Robert story 3 months ago

Everyone needs to hear what he’s saying. It’s the only thing that will save this country. Wow!

by Troy Sparks 3 months ago

An armed society is a polite society.

by AKCHINOOK 3 months ago

Too bad you didn’t disable the “blacked out buses”. The Antifa dudes would have had a long walk home or they would have had to phone their moms to pick them up.*

by Mark Reyes 2 months ago

This same story happened all over Wyoming. The bussed in protestors didn’t last long here.

by WyoGirl 3 months ago


by NICK S. CARTER 3 months ago

It's a war. A spiritual war. Good verses evil. Good will win in the end. Read the Bible - it foretells everything. Repent and trust in Jesus. You don't have to live in fear friend.

by Melodie Stewart 3 months ago

An armed Society is a safe and calm Society never let the Communist socialist Democrats take your second amendment no matter what

by wayne mullins 3 months ago

The Covid Riot zombies are still out there..don't let your guard down for one second!

by Mullcrum the Sage 3 months ago

At almost 65 and a woman, I have more "Balls" than most of the young men in my community. Luckily, New Mexico doesn't have the death penalty so in the event I have to eliminate a threat I can have a state retirement plan. Three hots and a cot, medical sort of, dental sort of, and when you cant care for yourself any longer they'll assign another convict/inmate to care for you, push you around in a wheelchair etc etc.

by Bertaboop1955 3 months ago

Kinda feels like a war against law abiding citizens, whites and police. Perhaps it’s time to rise together and put an end to it.

by Michelle Maggi 3 months ago

This guy is so on target. Need so many more people like him.we need him in office.

by Lefty Sizemore 3 months ago

How do you think old western towns survived, rifle men on the roofs

by Jackie Pierce 3 months ago

This Rex should run for Sherriff. Love his attitude

by Trent Knudsen 3 months ago

Lecture given, lecture heard. Thanks professor. Seems like a LOT LESS people got hurt this way, don’t it?

by roundedges2 3 months ago

The word from intel is that the buses and many of the agitators are paid for by George Soros!

by Matthew Battie 3 months ago

that’s why I said if there wasn’t 1 single gun in America it would be more dangerous than ever ! The sheer numbers of people who can overwhelm you with them have knives, fire , bats whatever ! Don’t be a fool if we ever lose the ability to keep an bare arms we are screwed and the power vacuum and the people who fill it will destroy any sense of normalcy or safety we’ve ever known

by Robert story 3 months ago

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