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Parents' Horror as Adopted Six-Year-Old was Actually an Adult | This Morning

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In 2010, a US couple, Kristine and Michael Barnett thought their family was finally complete when they adopted a six year old Ukrainian child, Natalia who lives with dwarfism. It quickly became clear however that things weren't as they seemed as the parents discovered that their 'six year old' daughter has adult teeth, pubic hair and has started her menstrual cycle. Things got worse when Kristine and Michael say Natalia started to terrorise them daily, allegedly threatening to stab them in their sleep and pour poison in their coffee. After taking her for tests, the court ruled that Natalia wasn't the six year old they thought she was but in fact a 22 year old woman. The parents set her up in her own house away from them, but once police discovered her living alone, Kristine and Michael were charged with neglect. Natalia's mother back in Ukraine claims she is the six year old they adopted, but what is the truth?
Broadcast on 14/10/19
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