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Rep. John Lewis talks skipping Trump's inauguration, Charlottesville, experience in civil rights mov

The View photo 1 Rep. John Lewis talks skipping... The View photo 2 Rep. John Lewis talks skipping... The View photo 3 Rep. John Lewis talks skipping... The View photo 4 Rep. John Lewis talks skipping...

Who's here in 2020 just to see John Lewis after he passed?

by cjermaine smith 2 months ago

Rest in Peace to a legend John Lewis

by Daisia Boyd 1 month ago

* Nixon - A President that became a Crook •
* Trump - A Crook that became a President!!

by Bill H 1 month ago

Dr. King IS so incredible that even people he mentored became legends.

by Dude Man 1 month ago

“I got arrested 40 times during the 60s, 5 times since I’ve been in Congress and I‘m probably going to get arrested again for something, but not today” you gotta love John Lewis 😂😂

by Leonaza7 2 years ago


by Miss Behaving 1 month ago

"The movement taught us to withdraw from evil!" Powerful words.

by Kevin Palmore 1 month ago

Men i got teary eyed watching this and hearing him speak reading and hearing about all that he went thru as a kid it hearts my heart 😔

by Michael Mitchell 1 month ago

John Robert Lewis was a living legend. Now he belongs to the ages. America will never be the same again. Adieu "Good trouble maker".

by Nwora Onwuzulu 1 month ago

I'm glad Meghan shut her mouth after knowing her father voted against making MLK day.

by DePiagetfan 2 years ago

The wisdom that is oozing out of him is inspiring.

by Patrick Smith 2 months ago

Mr. Lewis even in death is an extraordinary man. RIP sir.

by Erica Daniel 1 month ago

Mr. John Lewis will be missed. His work will never be forgotten.

by Wdy Yat 1 month ago

Dr. King spoke to John Lewis heart as a young man and Mr. Lewis has echoed that same voice to me. I've never had the honor of meeting him, but I've invested myself to learn of him. R.I.P. Mr. John Robert Lewis.

by denico41670 1 month ago

"When you see something that is not RIGHT, NOT FAIR not JUST, you have a moral obligation to DO SOMETHING, to SAY SOMETHING, to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT!"
-Congressman John Lewis💥

by Lynnette Delgado 2 months ago

"Withdraw From Evil!"
"You have a moral obligation to speak up and speak out!"
"We must never give up or never give in. We must keep the faith and keep your eye on the prize!"

by Taylor Washington 2 months ago

We need a government full of the type of integrity and courage that Congressman Lewis demonstrated. Thank God he was willing to fight. I am grateful for him.

by Joyce Cuffy 2 months ago

R.I.P. Honorable John Lewis , you will be truly missed 🇺🇸

by Mr.C H 2 months ago

John Lewis is an extraordinary man. Not many men are like him. He left an extraordinary legacy. Keep the faith and your eyes on the prize!

by Wonder Wonderful 2 months ago

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