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Biden Says Trump Bears Responsibility for Infection | The View

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The former vice president pushed contrasts between himself and Pres. Trump while emphasizing the importance of masks – the co-hosts discuss..
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The View photo 1 Biden Says Trump Bears Responsibility... The View photo 2 Biden Says Trump Bears Responsibility... The View photo 3 Biden Says Trump Bears Responsibility... The View photo 4 Biden Says Trump Bears Responsibility...

Can I just say how much more enjoyable this show is without Megan’s angry, negative self.

by Shelley Booth 4 weeks ago

Your program is so much better when Meghan is not there. Its calm.

by Sam T 4 weeks ago

I only like presidents that don’t catch viruses

by My Name 4 weeks ago

have they had any arguments while meghan’s on leave?

it’s so quiet.

by Rilley Griffin 4 weeks ago

This Sarah lady is fantastic. She’s the most reasonable and presents unique points.
Greetings from Europe!

by wiercik 4 weeks ago

I love watching The View now because we can actually listen to every host give their opinion and not have a child talk over everyone else.

by F V 4 weeks ago

Trump gets corona and the discussions about his taxes and failure to condemned white supremacy goes out the window with the baby still in the bath water! Should we have compassion for Lucifer?

by J&JB Transport 4 weeks ago

Wow we can actually HEAR the discussion on this show now! Megan should never come back!

by Annie S. 4 weeks ago

Biden is 100% right. It is so disgusting how individual 1 has caused so many American lives.

by CWLOVE WINS 4 weeks ago

He got the best doctors, the best medicine in the shortest possible time in the best hospital he came to by helicopter and stayed in the presidential suite. This in no way proves that Corona is a ridiculous disease. I'm not saying that everything should be closed and global hysteria created, but this is the other extreme. Irresponsible and selfish towards all people who do not have treatment like him. If everyone had treatment like him I would totally agree with him.

by Nick Johanson 4 weeks ago

You tell them President Biden! Gave you my vote, dropped off my ballot at the ballot box at my city's registrar.

by Angie Alexis 4 weeks ago

Biden is ''JOHN SNOW" & K., Harris is "ARYA STARK", together they can ''bring down'' the "NIGHT KING" & the "WIGHT WALKERS!!!

by Swaying to the Music 4 weeks ago

Sickness doesnt discriminate

by Debb liles 4 weeks ago

Megan is the dark energy of the view. So nice she is away.

by Lucy mercer 4 weeks ago

It is such a pleasure watching the View without Meghan's actions/comments.

by Amber Stone 4 weeks ago


by Red or Dead 4 weeks ago

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