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Do Americans Want Socialism? Or Do They Just Want This? (Pt.1)| Bryan Callen | COMEDY | Rubin Report

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Bryan Callen (Actor, Comedian, Podcaster) about Americans desire for Socialism, the ignoring of black conservatives who don’t think what they’re supposed to and if leaving California is what all Los Angeles residents should consider. Bryan discusses cancel culture, woke politics and the self censorship that is becoming more widespread in comedy. While we have free speech in the United States it doesn’t stop the unnecessary censorship that people are imposing on themselves to protect their livelihoods. Bryan discusses how he thinks most Americans have no desire for democratic socialism and don’t respond well to extreme ideas on the right or on the left.
This episode was pre-recorded before Dave Rubin went off the grid in August.
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Bryan Callen
Actor, Comedian, Podcaster
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The Rubin Report photo 1 Do Americans Want Socialism? Or... The Rubin Report photo 2 Do Americans Want Socialism? Or... The Rubin Report photo 3 Do Americans Want Socialism? Or... The Rubin Report photo 4 Do Americans Want Socialism? Or...

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by The Rubin Report 3 weeks ago

Damn, check out the lids on this fella. He doesn't look a day over 60

by Syl JoLy 3 weeks ago

Bryan Callen, star of Joker!

by Joe B 3 weeks ago

His eyes are so innocent, kind, and obviously natural...

by Cody Johnson 3 weeks ago

Who is the old man on Rubins show? He has to be the oldest person I've ever seen.

by Stephen Westover 3 weeks ago

"Americans aren't extreme".

The problem is too much of America isn't really American culturally anymore, and have no desire to be.

by vtmegrad98 3 weeks ago

I thought my monitor was damaged, but it was just Rubin's guest that was full o dents.

by Mike Peyton 3 weeks ago

its a matter of time until Joe Rogan gets accused of some fake accusation. A nameless, faceless accusation that holds no water.

by Pacific Working Capital 3 weeks ago

oooooh so this is why he started to get accused of sexual assault, preemptive takedown of a possible "right wing" influencer

by john doe 3 weeks ago

"We're dealing with Covid-19 where nobody has jobs..." Not burning down businesses would surely help.

by Kelly 3 weeks ago

Dave, your mic seems to have a bit of an echo compared to Callen's.

by Chris Lawrence 3 weeks ago

Well well well if it isn’t Brian “Full O’Dents” Callen aka Wrinks aka Cryptkeeper aka Mandragon aka Big Gay Owl aka Sweet Tart Tartin Ass. He just keeps kickin! More Callen!

by frankymacf 3 weeks ago

I love BC. I hope his friends rally together for him. I am tired of these cancel culture SJW’s. Who are all these virtue signaling perfect people? These perfect perfect perfect never made a mistake individuals. They were born just knowing everything perfect to say and do. Reality check boring people. I am who I am today because I’ve messed up. I have grown, I am learning, and evolving everyday. Love you Bryan ♥️ and I love Dave for continuous growth and his voice to break down the barriers these morons keep putting up. 🤗.

by Money Monroe Says 3 weeks ago

Brendan’s at home crying that BC is hanging with Dave.

by Austin Kloud 3 weeks ago

Bring on Chief Best. She just resigned from Seattle SPD.

by M M 3 weeks ago

Social media's new found ability to terminate anyone's career in an instant has frozen our politicians, institutions and business with fear.

by LibertyMatrix 3 weeks ago

Sounds like a mic issue on Dave?

by Dan IRL 3 weeks ago

He did not have sexual relations with that chick

by Andrew B 3 weeks ago

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