being black isn t enough to be anymore pt 2 bryan

the-rubin-report photo 1 being black isn t enough... the-rubin-report photo 2 being black isn t enough... the-rubin-report photo 3 being black isn t enough... the-rubin-report photo 4 being black isn t enough...

Thomas Jefferson said, "When the people fear the Government there is Tyranny, and when the Government fears the people there is liberty". Jimi Hendrix said, "When the power of love is greater than the love of power there will be peace" Joe Biden said, "Where the hell am I?"

by James Broms 1 month ago

Who is this man and why is he full of dents?

by Alfimie 1 month ago

As a fat guy, skinny people are holding me back. Fat lives matter.

by David Bertinelli 1 month ago

Gotta love the hypocrisy of the people that want open borders - while living in gated communities themselves. xD

by ShadowAkatora 1 month ago

"My dad had me reading Thomas Sowell a long time ago"

MY MAN!!!!!

by dafunkmonster 1 month ago

The answer is to enforce the immigration laws we currently have in place.

by George Washington 1 month ago

Being black is more a matter of politics than pigmentation.

by Robert Bucsh 1 month ago

Bryan Callen gets attacked for dating women post divorce, and finally been disabused that he has something to loose by not speaking his mind... So, now Callen finally starts to speak his mind... I like the new Bryan Callen who speaks his mind, he should have done this 20 years ago.

by Joshua Lindsay 1 month ago

If you doesn’t vote for Biden, well y’all ain’t racist. Or how did that go?

by henrik kruse 1 month ago

bryan had me going for a while until he admitted voting for hillary. his criticism of trump seems to come down to style. oh poor baby doesn't like it when the trumpster calls people names. well i, for one, don't mind it. those people he attacks more often than not deserve it. he has single handedly exposed the massive media bias along with their fake news narrative. just for that he deserves a nobel peace price like the one barry got for being blek.

by Vincent Illiano 1 month ago

LOL! Right after Bryan states he’s not a supporter of Trump, a Trump political ad popped up! Good work Google/YouTube!

by HylanderSB 1 month ago

“Thanks for your black square” lmao Bryan callen kills me

by Until the end 1 month ago

We all know the only way to be black is by voting for Biden, come on man! I'm being censored for creating conservative content, we need to do something fast!

by Making the Case with Mario Fratto 1 month ago

Callen and his sweet Tart, tartn' ass

by Tex Cohen 1 month ago

Well big guy, what's your better way? IMO, voting for hrc tells me that you are really uninformed.

by Ex Sub Sailor 1 month ago

"the late Maxine Waters". She is not dead. However, she is like many in Congress, a fiendish decrepit ghoul

by mpowe123 1 month ago

‘I have my criticisms’

Seemed to boil down to he talks mean and the media told me he said things he did not.

by Mr Bubble 1 month ago

I bet Dave's Bernie-supporting neighbor's house is even structured with walls. So hypocritical!!!

by Julian Peters 1 month ago

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