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BIG30 - Shots Out The Vette (Official Music Video)

Official music video for "Shots Out The Vette" by BIG30
#BIG30 #ShotsOutTheVette #NLessEntertainment

The Official Big30 photo 1 BIG30 - Shots Out The... The Official Big30 photo 2 BIG30 - Shots Out The... The Official Big30 photo 3 BIG30 - Shots Out The... The Official Big30 photo 4 BIG30 - Shots Out The...

I pray who ever reads this becomes successful

by Exist6nce 1 week ago

“Draco with the Wood and the Brown Grip We call it Sandy Cheeks” !! 😂🔥

by Gabe _ 1 week ago

“Could’ve been my baby mama but you know that plan was B”🔥🔥

by DaReal King901 1 week ago

I swear 30 and shiesty don’t miss 〽️

by Trigga Happy 1 week ago

Big Scarr definitely started the jewelry chains rattling into the beginning of the song,
Memphis shittin on the whole game right now.. Ain't even comparable

by Floridaboy 561 1 week ago

The graphics on this hard asl .

by NyiiahJ 1 week ago

“And We Smoke on Opps i think that Last Boy was My Favorite Strain” 🔥

by Gabe _ 1 week ago

claim your spot here before a Million ‼️✨

by DrewGhanWillo 1 week ago

Memphis doesn’t miss

by Nollege 1 week ago

He better than Pooh in my opinion 🔥👏🏾😂Pooh still fire fasho😎💯

by Ace Ventura 1 week ago

He had to put closed captions on that plan b bar so mfs didn’t miss it😂😂Hard 🔥🔥

by OT 3 1 week ago

I showed this to my gold fish an it became a shark

by Popeye Da P 1 week ago

Damn big 30 you need to be on somebody d line son 😂😂😂🙏🏿

by Zone6 tyree 1 week ago

“Hoping this fully don’t bust in my hand”

by TRIANGLEDEYE 2 days ago

Him and sheisty styles are so unique, next up

by Taylor Bridges 1 week ago

When you gone out this shi on Apple Music stop playin wit us 🗣

by Yesi10k 3 days ago

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