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Is Boeing Stock A Buy? BA Stock Analysis.

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Jim Cramer .............if the market doesn't care about social justice than why are you saying investors are backing potential winners from protests?

by Bobby Vincent 4 months ago

Iโ€™ve just dropped a video about Boeing stock. Long term, Iโ€™m bullish! Too many positive factors moving forwardโœˆ๏ธ๐Ÿ“ˆ

by Dansplained 4 months ago

Boeing! Price target for Boeing shares is $225, that is up almost 40% from
recent levels. Too bad average Robinhood user does not hold on to stock
for longer than a day. Lack of attention span is one problem due to
the age level that tends to go to that stock app. Boeing stock is a
BUY. I bought 500 plus shares when it was at 54 today, now it is up 3
bucks already. If everyone on Robinhood would buy one share of Boeing,
Just one. and hold for one week, the stock would have great gains.
Goldman Sachs added Boeing and Raytheon Technologies shares to its
conviction buy list on Monday. At the same time, the broker took
Lockheed Martin and L3Harris Technologies off the list
Thatโ€™s trading
the relative stability of the defense business for bigger potential
upside in .the aerospace business, which has been ravaged by Covid-19.

by Clayton Moore 3 weeks ago

Boeing Expands Freighter Conversion Lines As Orders Increase. Do not
forget it is a major player in defense industry and satellites. USA is
a war machine. Profits are huge. Boeing makes bombs, other ammo,
helicopters, Jets, bombers, etc Worth way more than 155 as a stock.
But If those want to sell it off, fine by me, I'll gladly buy it Alllll
up especially knowing that for the past 20 or so years we have been
illegally attacking like 30 different nations. Wow.

by john anderson 3 weeks ago

Well, you got that one wrong.

It fell out of everyone's rear end.

by CHR 15 3 months ago

From the time u buy is already high!

by Hui Woo 4 months ago

Great video on BA, as always keep up the good work.

by Steven Odoms 4 months ago

I love seeing the airlines turn back around! I have been skittish about getting into more of them, even more Corona Crisis

by Champagne Cents 4 months ago

If the markets keep dropping, BA under $150 would be a steal. Great video as always man!

by RexFinance 3 months ago

there's difference between an airline company (delta, american, southwest, etc) and aircraft manufacturer (boeing and airbus)

by Emmanuel Twum 4 months ago

Boeng is one company you know the country wont let die ...............They always get the bail out if need be

by Bobby Vincent 4 months ago

Got my puts for next week hehe made so much on calls this week going down fo sho next week

by Thexchumxbucket 4 months ago

I like the breakdown you share on why Boeing has potential. Do you think boeing will be competing directly with space X as we move in the future, or do you think space X will just own that entire market space (or should I say outer space, lol).

by Growth Mindset 4 months ago

Why do you compare air line companies with Boeing? It is not the same. It is like comparing cruise ship companies (nclh, ccl) with cruise ship manufacturer.

by Eran Yasso 4 months ago

You think buffet might buy back into airlines after this crisis?

by Alexander A 4 months ago

Two questions (sorry lol)... As someone who goes for the "old boring stocks", why haven't you invested in the S&P500? & What are your thoughts on how many stocks are too many? Ive seen many youtubers go straight to the classic Warren Buffet quote "diversification is for the ignorant" but it seems you have another thought process which runs into, "if you have a lot of stocks, buy an ETF". Just curious on your direction I guess. Thanks! I like your content & just subscribed btw!

by Wes Nicholson 4 months ago

i really think this company is working on something else which is why they havnt been pushing the 737 max too hard

by Dmar2080 4 months ago

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