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The Umbrella Academy S2 Ep1 Review

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 - Episode 1 Spoiler Review
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by The Cyber Nerds 1 month ago

This season is one of the best pieces of television this year fam. Better than the first one and Five yet again carries the show 🔥

by GR3G 1 month ago

I loooved this season. Seen it twice already. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the rest!

by Angie Elizabeth 1 month ago

Definitely a great start for the second season and for sure the start craziness for the next episodes

by BLACKBONO LALA 1 month ago

Love it guys! Keep it up 🤙🏾. This might not be the right video to say this but i hope they react to the new Cyberpunk content soon 🙏🏽😄

by Microdroid 1 month ago

This season was really great I liked it ❤️

by Ice King 1 month ago

Amigos, you've GOT to watch DARK. It's perhaps the greatest thing my eyes have ever witnessed. And this is coming from a guy who's watched Lost, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, etc. DARK is the GOAT of TV series/movies and it ain't even close.

by yash kamboj 1 month ago

I’m just curious at how Ben exists as a ghost before he was even born?

by J-R-ME-ATX C 1 month ago

First episode was good. Not great, but good. I didn't like that they took the typical and convenient amnesia route with Vanya but other than that and Diego being annoying as usual, pretty solid episode

by Kam 1 month ago

This show is about to get buried when the boys Season 2 comes out ngl

by First Last 1 month ago

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