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4Shannon "heated" Lakers finalizing deal with Jr Smith to join team for Orlando run | Undisputed

SpiderGaming photo 1 4Shannon SpiderGaming photo 2 4Shannon SpiderGaming photo 3 4Shannon SpiderGaming photo 4 4Shannon

LMAO watching Skips reactions to people talking about something he doesn't agree with is too freaking entertaining he has like the most expressive face ever XD

by ASchraub 1 month ago

I thought his biggest scape goat in Cleveland was Kevin love

by Jerry world 1 month ago

Raleigh Simmons Coached by Fred Tex Winter. It's the one game that he can hit one or 2 good shoots that will make the difference. Lakers will be fine. Lebron James MVP 2020 NBA Champions. He will play hard.

by Deteromony 6:4 1 month ago

They just want something to say.Yall know what my boy can do.Check the numbers with swish on the court with him.Aint no ring without swish period check it.

by HoodRixh French 1 month ago

Why didn't LeBron give Jamal Crawford a look ?

by Abisha Uzzi'ah 1 month ago

😂😂😂 JR Smith? Lebron is desperate

by Goat KD7 1 month ago

JR and Bron deadly on the basketball court together ❤

by Dennis Bogle 1 month ago

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