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Superspreader Event - SNL

Saturday Night Live photo 1 Superspreader Event - SNL Saturday Night Live photo 2 Superspreader Event - SNL Saturday Night Live photo 3 Superspreader Event - SNL Saturday Night Live photo 4 Superspreader Event - SNL

why do i feel like pete came up with ALLLL OF THEM LMAOOO

by taiyeig 3 weeks ago

My new drag name: Edith Puthie 😂😂😂

by Joshua Howard 2 weeks ago

Honestly Pete doesn’t even have characters at this point, he’s given an x to stand on and react

by Iwannabehomern 2 weeks ago

Pete: so what should I do?
Snl: sit there and break character

by Mali Phresh 3 weeks ago

Moe lestin junior is underrated. It means his father shares the same name and still decided to pass it on.

by Rex Watson 3 weeks ago

"Moe Lestin Jr." implies the existence of a "Moe Lestin" who liked his name so much that he named his son the same thing.

by John Chessant 2 weeks ago

It seems like SNL didn't want to go near Mike Hunt.

by sgoldmansUtube 3 weeks ago

hol up: who the HELL spent his whole life named Moe Lestin, and then decided to also name his SON Moe Lestin???

by Ryan Barham 3 weeks ago

I'm a little embarrassed by how hilarious I find these.

by AudreyNyc 3 weeks ago

They were cheap, easy laughs but they were laughs none the less.

by Old Pete 3 weeks ago

This was a refreshing throwback to the 80's n 90's much appreciated during these times. Just stupid funny.

by Practical Werewolf 3 weeks ago

I feel like they just put pete back there to try and NOT break character

by Adam Duxter 3 weeks ago

I feel like Finn Gerbangh was Pete's idea and he's excited that it made the list

by Pickle Rick 1 week ago

I didn’t know that Bart Simpson became a SNL writer...

by J M 3 weeks ago

“Edith Puthie” 😂 I’m sorry that took me out

by JuJuBee Julez 1 week ago

This was one of the better SNL gigs I've seen in a while.

by Mike Faller 2 weeks ago

"I hate to pull you away from Ms. Puthie just when you were getting into it"

by Oreoluwa Runsewe 2 weeks ago

I hate that throughout this whole skit no one ever talked about “Mike Hunt.”

by dbrano74 2 weeks ago

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