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First Debate Cold Open - SNL

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We didn't even need snl to make this. The actual debate did it for us

by LittleKingRyan 5 days ago

Are we just going to ignore the fact that when Jim "paused" Alec, Alec held that first pose for quite a while?

by gosple2 16 hours ago

Trump: “...aNtIfA”

Biden: pauses Trump again
“Nope! Can’t do it!”

by TheTrainGuy 3 hours ago

It’s funny how this is the most liked and disliked presidential debate snl has 😂🤔

by Annoying Prophet 23 hours ago

2020, the year when reality is more ridiculous than its parody

by priess 5 days ago

"Debates are a time-honored tradition and the bedrock of American democracy."


by jfaulsti10 13 hours ago

Jim carrey has not lost his touch, I'm glad to see him back

by Gert Daube 3 hours ago

I'm convinced Jim Carey is 50% Canadian and 70% Looney Toon

How can a human being do this much emoting with their face????? He's like a shapeshifter he's amazing!!

by Eric Kruckenberg 9 hours ago

Mamala: "American needs is a WAP."
me: O.o
Mamala: "Woman as President."
me: "dang! Was just thinking how to make it happen too - not the president version."

by New Libertarian 13 hours ago

I think I've heard "Law & Order" more this month than my entire life

by SilentMemer 3 days ago

god these two actors are absolute legends I’m in tears.

by crippling trash 22 hours ago

“Delaware doesn’t exist” really does sound like something trump would say ngl

by CoasterHorizons 8 hours ago

Poor Alec Baldwin had to hold his arm out in that pose for like three solid minutes

by Steph H 1 day ago

“Just flash them all with that smile they taught you in anger management”

That’s comedy gold folks

by Eli Anderson 8 hours ago

Why does Jim Carrey look more like joe Biden than joe Biden

by Wrld.of.conner 4 days ago


by Veronica Tucker 14 hours ago

I thought Jim actually turned into Joe for a second there.

by Jesse Brown 20 hours ago

Biden wasn’t smiling he was annoyed and irritated at Trump. Also every time joe would answer question trump would look at him then interrupt

by Natasha Bazil 8 hours ago

When the parody has more views than the actuell one.

by Sayfullah Osmani 21 hours ago

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