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Is Boeing (BA) Stock A Buy? Down 70% From Highs!

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Boeing stock has been a very, very bumpy ride over the last few months. Pretty much anyone who bought this stock from 2017 on got burned badly. From 2017 to 2019, this company was like the darling of the Dow. It was one of these stocks that did not budge. No matter what happened, the price was firm in the $350 range or so.
Then, out of nowhere, the stock became totally unhinged. It fell to a 52 week low of $89. From the 52 week high to low, this stock tanked 77%. Now, this stock is back from $89 a share up to $130 and for the time being it seems to have stabilized. So is this stock a buy? I will be sharing my opinion.
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Assuming there was no pandemic, would you fly on a Boeing 737 MAX if it was free? Comment Below!

by Ryan Scribner 5 months ago

Boeing accounts for 1% of the US GDP. That’s crazy for one company.

by Dukes Investing 5 months ago

Purchasing BA if it stays under 130. If it goes down to around 100 I’ll load up to lower my Avg. price/share. Good luck everyone!

by Erik Ledezma 5 months ago

I’ll tell you Boeing is a much safer investment than Carnival in my opinion

by Chris Glaze 5 months ago

Boeing! Price target for Boeing shares is $225, that is up almost 40% from
recent levels. Too bad average Robinhood user does not hold on to stock
for longer than a day. Lack of attention span is one problem due to
the age level that tends to go to that stock app. Boeing stock is a
BUY. I bought 100 plus shares when it was at 54 today, now it is up 3
bucks already. If everyone on Robinhood would buy one share of Boeing,
Just one. and hold for one week, the stock would have great gains.
Goldman Sachs added Boeing and Raytheon Technologies shares to its
conviction buy list on Monday. At the same time, the broker took
Lockheed Martin and L3Harris Technologies off the list
That’s trading
the relative stability of the defense business for bigger potential
upside in .the aerospace business, which has been ravaged by Covid-19.

by Clayton Moore 1 month ago

I bought Boeing at $149..... I’m not too happy today lol

by D W 5 months ago

more than 80% of travelers don't even know the type of aircraft they are flying on! They all F***ing look the same! it won't stop people from flying on max

by Addy suvarna 5 months ago

Expectation: People won't fly 737 MAX even for free
Reality: 737 Max flight is 10% cheaper? Shut up and take my money!

by Sergii V 5 months ago

I was lucky to get it at ~$95

by Matt 5 months ago

BA is too important to fail, definitely a long term buy! I'm in at $120.

by Financial Shinanigan 5 months ago

Wait until next week Q1 report release. It is projected to drop to double digits. Then buy.

by Chris SithLord 5 months ago

I'm not smart enough invest in airline stocks 😂 too much I don't understand

by Capital Over Coffee 5 months ago

It’s going to go lower... It’s only when higher than that for the last 2 1/2 years it was worse before 2016 what are you talking about

by Eddie Costa 5 months ago

Boeing survived "The Boeing Bust" in the early 70s. They will survive this.

by Threechlor 5 months ago

I really like the company, But meh, I'll play my card with other stocks, The wait might just be too long for the rewards!

by Jesus Ortiz 5 months ago

Ive no more money for this stock fml 😂purchased too much already ahhhhhhhhh

by Conall Smyth 5 months ago

Bro! Turn the salt rock lamp on! Get those positive ions into the air! Love the content, thanks buddy!

by Hell Yeah Money 5 months ago

They probably won’t have a dividend for quite a while

by Worth Investing 5 months ago

so since the stock fell... you're assuming this is such a great company that the stock will rise to even higher highs? that's pretty bold

by The Huckleberry Show 5 months ago

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