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Joe Rogan Experience #1545 - W. Keith Campbell

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Social psychologist W. Keith Campbell is a recognized expert on narcissism and its influence on society at large. His latest book, The New Science of Narcissism, explores the origins of this character trait, why its presence has grown to almost epidemic proportions, and how all of us are at least a little narcissistic.

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“Ultimately, saying that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don't care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.”
― Edward Snowden


I don’t think most people hate the new studio. It’s just the fact that watching it for 3 plus hours, the lighting starts to bother your eyes. The old studio was calming to the senses. Like a log cabin feel.

by PUBG University 14 hours ago

If your worried if you are a narcissist, your probably not, the fact you are worried about it and are able to consider you may have a flaw in your character is a pretty good sign you aren't a narcissist.

by alezzay daguere 5 days ago

Joe “my 12yo does the tik tok” Rogan

by Jonathan S 1 day ago

Why aren’t they paying attention to me, I’m kind of a legend...

by Eva Gabriel 16 hours ago

If I had a dime for everytime Rogan relates something to Jiu Jitsu, I'd have a bunker in Texas with Red grow lights everywhere....

by colinsdad1 6 days ago

These two pop tarts are talking to each other in the toaster


Negative roommates can really wear you down too. I had a rough childhood. My mom was murdered in front of my younger sister so I basically lost both of them at a really early age bcuz my sister ended up prostituting and is a really bad drug addict. My dad was gone when I was 4. Both my older brother and sister both overdosed on drugs but I try everyday to be positive and to not let my childhood shape me. My smile represents my family. I’m all that’s left. I’m my families legacy and it’s my duty in a way to turn all the misfortune around. The alternative is not an option.

by Tabitha Wheatley 18 hours ago

" OMG A FAKE PRIVATE JET SET" Say's Joe as he's in his " SPACE SET"

by Elmer Fudd 16 hours ago

Keith "I'm going to finish your sentence because I'm a psychologist" Campbell

by Brandon Gibbs 3 days ago

Joe "Let's call it the Red Pill"
300 more employees at Spotify: Heads blown, splatter on the walls of their cube

by Greg 1 week ago

A profound JRE and people are still talking abour the studio. Just listen

by kevin hunt 2 hours ago

I’m glad Joe said “this is the studio for now”...because I hate the new studio! I miss the brick wall w cool crap everywhere

by hray42 4 hours ago

Damn im trying to find a specific part of the pod but cant find timestamp guy in the comments.

by Josh Peterson 5 days ago

This guys analytical descriptions are truly comedic. (I mean that with the utmost respect) He just has a way of wording his findings that sound like jokes, that are factual & funny!

by Eth Nick 1 day ago

"'I'm not a psychonaut , I'm just a dad. " -W. Keith Campbell

by Key Epic Pranks 6 days ago

This has been the most personally beneficial JRE I've listened to, to date.

by Justin Schans 6 days ago

This is Jim Gaffigan's most thought provoking role to date. Bravo Jim.

by LilyOfTheTower 4 days ago

Kieth: Narcissism........
Joe: Is my shirt too tight?......

by Ryan Murphy 1 day ago

Joe looks like he is terrified he is going to find out he is a narcissist and he wants to know how he can self correct immediately. lol

by A 5 days ago

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