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Could Boeing Go Bankrupt? (BA Stock Analysis 2020)

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Could Boeing go bankrupt in 2020? Is Boeing Stock a buy in 2020? Should I sell BA Stock? Should I buy BA stock? In this Boeing Stock Analysis 2020 video we take a close look at BA Stock financials and fundamentals to determine if BA could go bankrupt in 2020. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my analysis on Boeing in the comments.
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#Boeing #BA #Bankrupcy
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Positive Investing photo 1 Could Boeing Go Bankrupt? (BA... Positive Investing photo 2 Could Boeing Go Bankrupt? (BA... Positive Investing photo 3 Could Boeing Go Bankrupt? (BA... Positive Investing photo 4 Could Boeing Go Bankrupt? (BA...

An honest, unbiased look at Boeing Stocks Fundamentals. Let me know what you guys think and if you want more videos like this on the channel

by Positive Investing 5 months ago

When i look at my Boeing position, It makes me want to throw the whole portfolio away 🥴

by Think Money 5 months ago

Very tempting investment. Down 66% YOY at a time where travel is at a minimum, and the company seems to just have negative news come out all the time. Could be worth the potential gains!

by Trevor Hassel- Investing and Personal Finance 5 months ago

Great job, really enjoyed the detailed analysis and your explanations of the terms!

by conflit1993 5 months ago

Interesting perspective. I would love to see a deep-dive analysis into banks.

by Matt Welter 5 months ago

I really enjoyed the content of this video. I would definitely like to a comparable analysis of the top 3 or 4 airlines in the U.S

by David Perez 5 months ago

would like to see same video about airlines stocks and specifically DAL airline

by Black Diamon 5 months ago

Definitely one of your better videos of late,Suggestion Air Canada would be a good analysis.

by holdened 5 months ago

Could we get a RTX video. The BA topic is exhausted give folks some alternatives .

by Cementprint 5 months ago

I like this guy and will continue listening to him... BUT- At the very beginning of the video, he says he's going to refrain from giving his opinion here, and then just after , he gives his opinion. Lol.

by Adam Leikness 3 months ago

Can you do a video on REITs, I'm interested in SPG, IIPR and REG. As always I appreciate the great content you provide.

by Anand Beniprasad 5 months ago

Great analysis with very clear facts! Hope to see more videos like this.

by Prasad Wijesinghe 5 months ago

Thanks, great video. Can you please do one on AMEX, JPM and VERIZON.

by Udayan Chatterjee 5 months ago

Do an airlines update and forecast. DAL, AAL, LUV, etc

by Tony Tone 5 months ago

Your videos are great! I always watch them for ideas. I would love to know your thoughts about the future of online education and what companies to invest in

by SL Dayalji 5 months ago

Hi - Such videos are helpful. Can you do similar videos for bank stocks - JPM, BAC, WFC?

by Alok V 5 months ago

I only have 2 shares at $131 I’ll have to look again at it

by Eli Shimon 5 months ago

BA is up today. As someone who bought in the 280's I am break even due to cost averaging. Not sure if I should sell.

by Danyal Isran 5 months ago

It cannot go bankrupt when our Navy is dependent on the fighter planes developed byBoeing..

by KK Stache 5 months ago

I request that you make some videos on Canadian companies like TECK and some of the mining companies, lumber, etc.
Regarding Boeing, it's still to early to predict what might happen. I honestly can't accept the share price as they recently raised an extra 21 billion that you did not seem to include in your presentation. My concerns are well founded because of how much favor Airbus has in the marketplace. The bigger concern is how China will use politics and trade to chokeoff deliveries which will extend the bad business cycle by several years. While bankruptcy is not on my radar, I could see bold steps ahead to consolidate manufacturing facilities meaning facilities like the one in South Carolina might be closed and abandoned.

by Hong Shi 5 months ago

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