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POP SMOKE - MOOD SWINGS ft. Lil Tjay (Official Video)

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Mood Swings ft. Lil Tjay - (Visualizer) by Pop Smoke
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Lyrics, Mood Swings
Oh, you ain't know I could sing? (Oh, oh, oh)
Hahaha (Yeah)
[Chorus: Pop Smoke & Lil Tjay]
Shorty a lil' baddie (She a lil' baddie)
Shorty my lil' boo thing (Boo thing)
And shorty got the fatty
Shorty be catching mood swings
Every time I fuck without a rubber
I nutted on the covers
And I kept it undercover
'Cause I don't kiss and tell (Kiss and tell)
[Verse 1: Pop Smoke & Lil Tjay]
Every time I fuck, she call me daddy
My lil' mama nasty
I see the pussy through the panties (Whatever you want)
She taste like candy
She a queen, like Nefertiti.
Uh oh, my lil' mama sittin' pretty
And we be shoppin' through the city (Oh, oh)
I gave her keys to the Bentley (Woah, woah)
Get off your knees, you don't gotta cry to me
I'm your best friend, baby, you don't gotta lie
I'll get you everything that you want and that you need from Chanel to Celine.
It's on you to decide
Valentino, yeah, I put you in the best
Start liftin' up your dress, start kissin' on your neck (Oh no, no)
Start rubbin' on your butt, start massagin' your breasts
I ain't wanna give you a baby just yet, so I backed out and nutted on your breasts
I put you in a Uber (Uber) and sent you to your bed (Oh)
The very next day (Oh), you sent me a text (Oh)
You pulled up to the crib and we did it again (Oh, oh)
[Chorus: Pop Smoke & Lil Tjay]
Shorty a lil' baddie (She a lil' baddie)
Shorty my lil' boo thing (Boo thing)
And shorty got the fatty
Shorty be catching mood swings
Every time I fuck without a rubber
I nutted on the covers
And I kept it undercover
'Cause I don't kiss and tell (Ooh)
[Verse 2: Lil Tjay & Pop Smoke]
You know, I never found love until I looked into your eyes (Until I looked into your eyes)
First time blushin', I ain't even gon' lie (Ain't even gon' lie)
Four rounds in, leavin' bruises on your thighs
You the only bitch could make me spin off on the guys
And the only bitch that make me wanna nut when I'm inside
It's your vibe, leave with me you gettin' high
None of these bitches fuckin' wit' you even if they tried
She a tsunami, I ain't never felt it dry
Close my eyes while I sleep, hope you be there when I wake
Honestly, I feel the vibe we have is great
And if there's something on your mind, you can tell me
And if I told you what's on mine, would you help me?
You gon' see the bigger picture, it's just gon' take time
Just because you mine, I'ma keep you lookin' like a dime
Ain't no imperfections, girl, you fine
Baby, what's your sign?
I hope you ain't against the slow grind
(Work, work, it's me and you) Me and you
Keep it silent, there ain't nothin' we can't do
Through the storm, baby, we can make it through
Why you actin' brand new? You know you my lil' boo, yeah
Got up out my Birkin, it's workin'She said she a virgin It's hurtin' She my biggest fan, she always lurkin'And she know I'm a man, I'ma put that work inI know she can't stand me, I'm fancySo I'ma bring her out when I get my GrammyLate night sex, she can't find her pantiesCouldn't hold it in, now she need a plan B
[Chorus: Pop Smoke & Lil Tjay]
Shorty a lil' baddieShe my lil' boo thing
And shorty got the fatty (Shorty got the fatty)
Shorty be catching mood swings
Every time I fuck without a rubberI nutted on her covers
And I kept it undercover
'Cause I don't kiss and tell
#PopSmoke #MoodSwings #LilTjay

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Random person who liked this is gonna be a Billionaire one day.

by Key Epic 1 month ago

only people who didn't come from tiktok are worthy of liking this comment

by P1ay3rr 1 week ago

i feel bad for starting to listen to this man after he died. RIP King.

by Onee Azizoll 3 weeks ago

RIP: 2 Pac
RIP: Michael Jackson
RIP: Paul Walker
RIP: Johan Cruyff
RIP: Freddie Mercury
RIP: Stan Lee
RIP: George Michael
RIP: Muhammad Ali
RIP: Lil Peep
RIP: Stephen Hawking
RIP: Avicii
RIP: Mac Miller
RIP: Cameron Boyce
RIP: Nipsey
RIP: Juice Wrld
RIP: Kobe Bryant , Gianna Bryant
RIP: Irrfan Khan
RIP: Sushant Singh Rajput
RIP: Pop Smoke
RIP: Naya Rivera
RIP: Chadwick Boseman
RIP: The people on the front lines to fight COVID
RIP: Heroes who died trying to find peace, fighting for peace
RlP: So many other people who did so many great things but sadly were forgotten.

by Abdullah 370Z 3 weeks ago

As an Indian , I'ma play this to my girl after my arranged marriage😓

by Tink Cool 1 month ago

"2020 is getting worse day by day"

Pop Smoke: Let me fix that real quick

by CiscoX 3 weeks ago

He's not dead he's just poping smoke in another world 🖤💯🙏

by Lynette Scott 2 weeks ago

The fact that they have pop smoke in a shadow in a blue flame is sad af

by Rayan Al Halabi 2 weeks ago

This song is odd it’s soothing and the tune is wholesome but it’s about nutting😂

by Joaquin Hosfeld 2 weeks ago

Who is better?
Like: Pop Smoke
Comment: Pop Smoke
Ignore: 6ix9ine

by Nick McIntyre 1 month ago

I didn’t know who Pop Smoke was until his death now I wish I heard of him before

by Dezmond121 3 weeks ago

Random fact: You can’t breathe when you smile
Just kidding, just wanted to make you smile. Have a good day :)

by CiscoX 3 weeks ago

No one:

Random People: Whoever likes this is gonna be a millionaire

by An Asian Ant 2 weeks ago

The burkin line is in like 5 of Lil Tjay’s songs and I still can’t get enough of it

by Shamone Music 1 week ago

Only people who didn’t come from Tik Tok can like this


by -_- 1 month ago

Tjay is gonna sound like Pop Smoke once puberty hits him

by Gabriel Enriquez 2 weeks ago

"She say she a virgin" "It's hurtin"

by Nqobile Zulu 1 week ago

He was more than just a rapper, this song hurt deep to everyone... RIP King Pop

by Yessir 23 2 weeks ago

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