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The Secrets Behind Freddie Mercury's Legendary Voice

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1st greatest singer of all time: Freddie Mercury
2nd greatest singer of all time: Drunk Freddie Mercury

by highjim 1 year ago

Damn he even smoked and drink and still kept his voice.

by Darryl Mata 10 months ago

Freddie: records himself 4 times but letโ€™s his friends play along to the song
Freddie: I too, am extraordinarily humble

by Pootis Bird 1 year ago

I wonโ€™t be a rock star. Iโ€™ll be a legend

- Freddie Mercury

by FuckTit 1 year ago

He is not human, he came to Earth to have fun and cheer ppl up for a while ~

by F. Lee 1 year ago

If I had a time machine I would go back in time and see a queen concert

by Andaman Production 1 year ago

I'm not a huge fan of queen, but no one can ever try denying the fact that his voice is the best male voice of all time

by Bash 1 year ago

Vocally, Freddy Mercury was to vocals what Jimi Hendrix was to guitars. Arguably, nobody will probably ever be able to match the versatility of his vocal range.

by Scholastic Vibrations 1 year ago

I hate how the word "legend" is thrown around in today's music scene. Freddie deserved the title 100%.

by Nick Castleberry 1 year ago

Freddie could cough, sneeze and spit and it would always be in tune.

by Nick Hersheys 1 year ago

A man with amazing range, amazing tone, and absolutely no fear.

by Andrew Hauser 1 year ago

In 70's and 80's there was no auto tune...
He had the most beautiful voice of all times...

by design for you 1 year ago

On a technical level he is an incredible singer, a vocal virtuoso.. What made him so powerful was the phrasing of each word he sang. He effortlessly glided from one emotion to the next quickly. He literally felt the words. His timing was impeccable . He was passionate about what he was singing and wanted the audience to take the journey with him..

by nv vam 1 year ago

I saw Queen in 1985 during The Works tour and Freddie was a seamless performer. I can't think of any other front man like him. He was awesome right up to the last song. Possibly the only other to do this is David Bowie. If Bowie is the Starman Freddie is the Galaxy that has many thousands of stars within. Musicsally Freddie is a supernova, explosive, colourful and wonderful.

by leokimvideo 2 years ago

Every other rockstar: Am I a joke to you?!
Freddie Mercury: Yes darling!

Edit:Thanks for the likes guys!

by Harrison Conant 6 months ago

"Nobody's ever gonna remember me when I'm dead anyway.."

-Freddie Mercury

(well, you're wrong Freddie, up to now so many remembers and loves you)

by KurtRusselPH 6 months ago

Youโ€™re a legend Freddie

ya bloody right I am

by maddie 1 year ago

Totally agree, he was a one off, a genius. I was lucky enough to see him live three times.

by gh103 1 year ago

I find the "autotune" comments funny---I saw him live 4 times and just amazing---his vocals were beyond anything in today's "music"--and Brian, Roger and John made NO musical mistakes live. Look at any live performance--from the beginning in the '70's--all 4 pure magic!!

by Frances Warren 1 year ago

the band never gets credit for how vocally talented they were
The first time I heard Bohemian i thought it eas an operetic choir

by Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling 1 year ago

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