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BA stock - Boeing announces test on 737 Max, Is it time to buy BA stock?

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BA has been beaten up over the past couple of years but as of yesterday they have announced that the FAA will be testing the 737 maxes and if they pass, the planes could be back in the air as of this fall. In this video I go over if I would be buying BA here and some of the complications this company could face in the future..
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I’m holding 19 shares currently and and waiting until after earnings to determine if I should buy more

by Marie Therese 2 months ago

If the problem was for short term,ok, but it was grounded for more than a year. I hope it will recover.

by Anti -God 2 months ago

Hmm I bought in at $95 but I’m worried I’ll sell too soon 😣

by Alaina Vecere 2 months ago

Thanks for the video. It was very well presented.
I am holding 2000 shares which I bought recently at 185.69. I am a believer that air-travel will return, and the 737 Max will be allowed to fly again. Life cannot stay grounded forever.

by E Teo 2 months ago

I wouldn't buy and I wouldn't short it. thanks for the insight.

by Ken Griffin 2 months ago

Do you even know their backlog volume? I am asking, because you sound pretty clueless. A cancellation of 90 planes is not even a sweat for Boeing right now. Recertification is what will move Boeing. Selling off BA based on these hardly irrelevant pieces is very worrisome. Yes, it does move BA due to some of newbie traders who sell off on this type of negative news. I am worried that newbies watch this video and listen to you....

by gomoojool 2 months ago

they just lost an order today for 92 737 max worth 5 billion and this guy pretends he has a clue

by Daryll 2 months ago

Thanks for informative video mate. I'm new to investing but I'm definitely buying boeing. I will start small and buy the dip for now. I hope they do well, I believe within 5-10 years they could be $500+.

by Scott Kelly 2 months ago

MCAS. Anyway, I think if Trump wasn't President, Boeing would be selling less military aircraft. Also, because of the covid scamdemic, many small airlines who couldn't survive, will be selling off their planes and handing them back to the leasing companies. I'm not sure if the bigger airlines will buy second hand planes or still buy the new fuel efficient planes. Thoughts? I have 100 shares at $163 each. I'm debating whether to sell them and buy some ev stocks like WKHS, SHLL, NIO. PTON, KDP, WORK. I don't see Boeing bouncing back up for a very long time, mainly from the scamdemic.

by ILC 1234 2 months ago

No need worry about bancrupt company like Norwegian,Boeing is for sure.

by big world 2 months ago

Boeing will make it through the hard times. Customers will come back when the 737MAX is certified and back in the air. To me right now people ain't traveling anyway. Boeing made it passed the 787 issues when batteries were overheating. We will be back you can count on it 😉💪

by Lenny Saptho 2 months ago

Boeing, and Boeing alone, has single handedly inspired and motivated the general public (ON A WORLD SCALE) to improve their expertise on plane model & manufacturer ID
The world's population has increased their plane ID.....IQ in just 1 year. Boeing managed to cure ADC and many other learning disorders.
So here's to you Boeing. THOSE WHO KNOW DO. THOSE WHO DON'T TEACH! "That's God Damn Right"

by rayism 24b 2 months ago

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