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90 Day Fiancé: Ranking The Worst Couples |⭐ OSSA

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90 Day Fiancé is TLC's most addictive show that keeps bringing us both: faith in love without borders and neverending cringe.
Some 90 Day Fiancé couples managed to work through their difficulties, while others just were never meant to be.
Which of the 90 Day Fiancé pairs are the worst?
Who is building friendship after nasty divorce?
And how did Big Ed react to Rose’s alleged homosexual relationship?
Mohamed and Danielle were unhappy because of their lies and desire to use each other. They had intimacy issues, but three years after separation ex-partners started building friendship.
Colt and Larissa's relationship included Colt's mother Debbie. Mother and son were always a team, and Larissa just fought with everyone around, before she was arrested three times for domestic violence.
Darcey and Jesse had a passionate start, but it grew into unhealthy relationship filled with jealousy and immaturity. And Darcey's next relationship was not that different.
Nicole and Azan are surprisingly still together, but their toxic and cringe-worthy bond does not suggest a happy ending. Overly attached Nicole and not so attracted to her Azan have called off their wedding twice, yet they allegedly spent quarantine together.
Ashley and Jay have split up a few times because of cheating and lies, but recently they announced the renewal of their vows.
Mark and Nikki make a weird union, as the 40 years older man married the second girl from the Philippines to recreate his first failed love story.
Molly and Luis broke up within a year after their nuptials. Their relationship almost cost Molly her daughter, who left home because of her new stepdad.
Jorge and Anfisa may look like a classic story about a gold digger and rich man. But in his attempts to become rich, Jorge was arrested for drug transporting.
Big Ed and Rosemarie have a love story full of lies and embarrassment. Rose did not hide her hurt and disguise, while Ed claims that she was the love of his life.
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