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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update - Wave 2 - Nintendo Switch

#Summer Update Wave 2 #rpg #Dreaming #Luna #Gaming
🎆 Weekly fireworks shows in August!
🛌 Visit other players’ islands in a dream!
💾 Island Backup & Restoration
The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update – Wave 2 lights up the sky on July 30..
#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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Animal Crossing let's you do things you can't normally do in real life, like sleeping!

by Jack Dunlavey 1 week ago

Please Nintendo. Please add being able to visit random dreams. Having to put in a code means you already know which island you’ll be going to and it isn’t as fun

by User Name 1 week ago

Redd with hat on
Tom Nook: “A nice Villager?”
Redd takes hat off
Tom Nook: “REDD!!!”

by PRO HERO ALEX 1 week ago


by Malena Zwolak 1 week ago

Nintendo: "You can customize your fireworks!"
Literally everybody's firework designs: pathways and memes

by bob from animal crossing 1 week ago

Everybody: Plays AC to distract themselves from Coronavirus
Nintendo: WAVE 2

by Christopher 1 week ago

Me: Omg im so excited to dream!

Also me: finding out theres a freaking membership :(

by uwuravity x 1 week ago

Nintendo: you can see other people’s islands me: ohh cool everyone who sees my island: 0-o mess...every.where-

by Sunflowrr_yellow 1 week ago

Tom nook: Redd is never allowed on this island
Redd: * puts on a hat *
Tom nook: you’re hired!

by Ellie Green 1 week ago

“Talking to players who aren’t actually there is gonna be so weird!”

Do you have a moment to talk about Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

by cat sin 1 week ago

its scary how loads of people could be looking around your island but you do not actually know if there are people roaming around your island

by GameTame10 1 week ago

Says that island data can only be recovered in the event of a lost, stolen, or damaged switch
And Nintendo didn't think twice about having the option to recover data if a player's save data gets corrupted, I may as well avoid online multiplayer until further notice.

by ScoobyDude1998 1 week ago

Tom Nook: "a fox wearing a hat?"

Redd: takes off hat

Tom Nook: gasps "Redd the fox!"

by Anon Mouse 1 week ago

is nobody going to talk about the freaking GYROID at lina's place

by Winter Cardboard 1 week ago

“Dreams return!”
Oh that’s cool.
“Must have active Nintendo Switch Online membership”
Oh never mind then.

by Wolfy 701 1 week ago

Is nobody going to mention how there will possibly be an aika village recreation

by JENNA THOMAS 1 week ago

“You can launch your own custom design fireworks!”

Me when the update comes out: YOU THOUGHT IT WAS A FIREWORK BUT IT WAS ME, DIO!

by Grieved _Day 1 week ago

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