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Star Trek Lower DRECKs and The Umbrella Academy Season 2 | The Inquisition

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The Inquisition - join Gary from Nerdrotic and Nerdrotic Live and the future ruler of earth Doomcock from Overlord DVD and The Harvey Zone as they put pop culture on TRIAL. This episode Star Trek Lower Decks and The Umbrella Academy Season 2 are discussed..
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Nerdrotic Live photo 1 Star Trek Lower DRECKs and... Nerdrotic Live photo 2 Star Trek Lower DRECKs and... Nerdrotic Live photo 3 Star Trek Lower DRECKs and... Nerdrotic Live photo 4 Star Trek Lower DRECKs and...

Doomcock's reaction to the Wonder Woman cover xD

by Hanzo Hattori 2 weeks ago

Wtf ads every 5 minutes. Hope you guys are getting paid.

by AllOuttaBubblegum 2 weeks ago

Capaldi was never alone for more than a day in "Hellbent". Each time he reappeared was a fresh incarnation we with no memory of his previous deaths and no idea where he is. He figures it all out each time before the end, but each decision to die rather than give in is a fresh decision. The writing and acting in the episode was brilliant, unlike Timeless Child saying the doctored was murdered over and over as a child yet is still "fine".

by S'Cipio 2 weeks ago

Guys, your vids are being littered with ads right at the beginning. Is this some backhanded way for youtube to get people to not watch the whole video? Something else?

by Kevin Pearce 2 weeks ago

No, not everyone was down with segregation in the 60’s. Just a segment of Democrats.

by Anthony Princeton 2 weeks ago

Doomcock was a righteous flamethrower of truth. That rant about turning women into men, feminism and the crushing of the sacred feminine archetype was FIRE brother. Great insight and deductive reasoning. Beautiful stuff.

by Radio Mysterium 2 weeks ago

Doomcock’s reaction to the cover is on par with Gunnery Sargent Hartman finding a jelly donut in Gomer Pyle’s footlocker. :P

by Matthew Anderson 2 weeks ago

Amazon prime removed a video they posted yesterday called "The badass girls from the Boys" The comment section was full of people who were annoyed because they were worried and complaining about the second season looking like it is littered with identity politics. I am happy to see it removed but worried it was removed because it is true:(

by Pablo Burns 2 weeks ago

Bad sci fi and horror movies from the 50’s through the 80s are more fun to watch than the woke soap operas Hollywood makes nowadays. If you’re gonna reboot an old film, it should be Robot Monster.

by MGM lll 2 weeks ago

Man, I'd wish there was a fanmade animation show where Doomcock can voice act in... his voice is amazing... XD

by Guus van Voorst 2 weeks ago

Guys, watch and then promote DARK. No wokeness. Just brilliant writing. It's the best sci fi show in ages.

by Ted R Nelson 2 weeks ago

Something happened at the beginning of this video Gary. Ads completely cover the first hour.

by M Howie 2 weeks ago

Seriously, is YOUTUBE trying to kill your viewing by putting in Ads every 5 minutes. Literally every 5 minutes on the dot. Are you aware? I am seeing this on other channels. Is YT strategy to either drive views away or make money as much as possible if they cant?

by Post Sing 1 week ago

Adverts every 2 minutes? Someone is taking the piss.

by cedarstuff 2 weeks ago

Gary: “. . . or they can make them look like that Wonder Woman cover. I don’t know if you saw that.”

Doomcock: “Which one?”

Me: “He hasn’t seen it. This is gonna be great.” Rubs hands together

by Mortaneus [Adrian Diaz] 2 weeks ago

23 weeks of Kurtzman Trek and The Inquisition. A shotgun wedding for all to see.

by Frackoff Felgercarb 2 weeks ago

I need an Exozone guys

by JBD 2 weeks ago

The son in Steptoe and Son is played by Harry H. Corbett who play Detective Sergeant Sidney Bung in Carry on Screaming (a Hammer horror parody) with Jon Pertwee (small part) playing a slightly mad forensic scientist.

by eddiegaltek 2 weeks ago

Ads are a yt thing, it’s happening to most of the ppl im subbed to.

by C C 2 weeks ago

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