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James Carville: There Is No Chance Trump Will Be Re-Elected | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville says he believes it's more likely that Trump decides to drop out of the 2020 race than Trump wins re-election. Aired on 06/25/2020.
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James Carville: There Is No Chance Trump Will Be Re-Elected | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

#Veteran Democratic strategist #Democrats #11th hour #The 11th Hour #2020 Elections #2020 primary #US News #veteran democratic #The 11th Hour with Brian Williams #11th hour msnbc #Progressive News #James Carville #Best of last night #Politics #Current Events #White House #MSNBC News #MSNBC #Brian Williams msnbc #2020 campaign #strategist James Carville #Republicans #Joe Biden #Donald Trump #Decision 2020 #2020 election

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Don't leave anything to chance. Hillary couldn't lose either.


by M L. 3 months ago

Don't believe this for a moment, vote like your life depends on it. Because it does.

by Red Manchester 2 months ago

I’m definitely not going to let this stop me from voting.

by k2gees 2 months ago


by Stephen Sunday 2 months ago

I agree with everyone who is saying, to not take a chance. Vote like your life depends on it!!!

by Neil Kaplan 2 months ago

Do NOT get complacent! Get out and vote out the worst example of leadership this country has ever produced! He AND Barr needs to GO!!!

by eschdaddy 3 months ago

Stop telling people this! They’re gonna get lazy and not go vote !

Go vote no matter what!

by Gustavo Ornelas 2 months ago

The last time I remembered, they said Trump doesn't have a chance back then and look at what turns out. People, go and vote!

by William Ramos 1 month ago

USA led by An incoherent con man, Russia led by a criminal genius, China led by a godless thug..god help us all.

by Rob AM 2 months ago

I would rather have a President say the occasional gaffe, than one who lies every time he speaks.

by Andrew Huxley Miller 3 months ago

This sounds like a reboot of a movie that came out in 2016.

by Ian 2 months ago

Was he talking about himself when he said he can’t speak or put sentences together? Anywho get out there and VOTE!

by Sandra Ramos 2 months ago

These two guys are clueless, really. Who can take these clowns serious?
The Trump landslide will run over you fools on Nov 3rd.

by Ja Be 1 month ago

There's no doubt that enough people are fed up about Trump and the mess he's created in this country. But they NEED to be motivated to turn out to VOTE!!!

by God N' Country 1 month ago

If James Carville says "There Is No Chance Trump Will Be Re-Elected", you need to start getting worried!
Take no chances, vote!!

by Starsurfer74 3 months ago

"Biden's campaign has actually been pretty good." Shouldn't we have a frontrunner who is great?! I don't want "actually pretty good", I want great.

by Sterling Forbes 2 months ago

Carville needs to knock this up. We can’t assume anything. We have to vote

by Jack 1 month ago

Don't celebrate yet, stupid evil has a way of sticking around.

by Luci C 1 month ago

“Increasingly nervous man says Trump can never win for the hundredth time this week”

by Artem Biyun 2 months ago

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