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Bill Moyers: Instead Of A 'Soul,' Donald Trump Has An 'Open Sore' | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Veteran journalist and former LBJ press secretary Bill Moyers compares the Trump presidency to the Johnson administration. He tells Lawrence O'Donnell why Trump's reaction to the removal of Confederate statues demonstrates the president's consistent inconsistency.
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Bill Moyers: Instead Of A 'Soul,' Donald Trump Has An 'Open Sore' | The Last Word | MSNBC

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He is worried that someday, someone will want to tear down his statue. But he doesn't need to worry. There won't be one.

by J Stephens 2 months ago

He doesn't have an open sore, he IS AN OPEN SORE.

by PSMRT MSRTA 2 months ago

Everything being said here still rings true in June 2020. It keeps getting worse.

by Kelly Carter 3 months ago

How about extraordinary ex-slaves. Harriett Tubman, Frederick Douglas. Or inventors like Garrett Morgan, Frederick McKinley Jones who created things that affect our lives daily.

by Robert Madden 3 months ago

Bill Moyers’ observations are always spot on. This clip is from two years ago and it is even more relevant now. Much respect. Miss his regular programs.

by evolver 2 months ago

Amazing this was 3 years ago ! Still relevant! Love Bill Moyers🥰

by jill neuner 3 months ago

His temperament and bigotry is showing, such a minimal level of intellect in this goon .

by Erin Hovland 3 months ago

People that vote for trump don't want the truth because trump himself never, ever faces the truth.

by Nancy Desch 3 months ago

George Washington did not lead a war to try to keep slavery in place. No comparison.

by 1operamom 3 years ago

How about statues of leaders who invented something that improved life, leaders who lead, healers, inventors, vs it’s always got to be war we raise up.

by HorseMuse 2 months ago

Trump will go down in history as the biggest bamboozle in America.

by Danielle Marquez 3 months ago

I love Bill Moyers. He's seen a LOT over the years...He's a very wise man!

by Cold Winter 3 months ago

This is so cool. It’s amazing how stabilizing and reassuring it is to hear someone tell the simple truth.

by Jane Hardy 3 months ago

Nazi iconography is illegal in Germany. Mr Bill Moyer's, thanks for you sage and calm discourse on this matter.

by Gavin Sherlock 3 years ago

Lets pump that open sore full of Lysol.

by John Urban 3 months ago

Bill Moyers is one of my heroes. He's been a voice for the moral conscious of this country for decades. I've missed his weekly take on the news since he left his show on PBS years ago. Basically he's the man.

by Jon B Baca 2 months ago

I have read "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump" -we have "a duty to warn"!

by William Peterson 2 months ago

As Rick Wilson observed "Everythibg Trump Touches Dies."

by Kenny Houser 3 months ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is a flat earther.

by JustMarioBros 3 years ago

80% of all U.S. Confederate or Slave Like Messages were created after World War 2

About the time my Brother was born.... after 1945 (about 75 years ago)

by Marvin Gershowitz 2 months ago

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