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St. Louis Couple & The Gun Community: Some Thoughts...

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I don't know if it's "cancel culture" or what but a whole bunch of people went nuts after my video on the armed couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, in St. Louis that I put up on social media earlier. I go over a few thoughts on the situation.
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Mrgunsngear Channel photo 1 St. Louis Couple & The... Mrgunsngear Channel photo 2 St. Louis Couple & The... Mrgunsngear Channel photo 3 St. Louis Couple & The... Mrgunsngear Channel photo 4 St. Louis Couple & The...

They did their best, and didn't get ran over. God Bless em.

by Lugh Lamhfada 2 months ago

I think this answers the old question why do you need an AR 15

by mike hain 2 months ago

She's holding that thing like a star wars lazer blaster.

by Chris Zablocki 2 months ago

They weren’t protestors they were trespassers

by Kyle Kyle 2 months ago

I appreciate the non judgmental tone. Every dude sitting in his parents’ basement thinks he’s an operator in which case they deem it appropriate to mock these people. Like you said, a lot of the handling was poor, but for most of us, a little self reflection would reveal that we’re not all Jocko. I find that true experts aren’t quick to shame people, where as those who think a little too highly of themselves tend to over compensate.

by Steve Bob 2 months ago

The pink shirt and unprofessional gun handling made them way scarier.

by JL D 2 months ago

There's always trolls on the internet ...with half a sense of reality. Leave the couple alone. They did what was their American, God given right. Out.

by WonderingAimlessly 2 months ago

Just remember, when they take away your 2nd Amendment rights, the rest of your rights will fall like dominos.....bye bye 1st and 4th!

by Graham Young 2 months ago

I think the most shocking thing about this is seeing folks outside of that HUGE house with their guns. Good on em.

by callmecamo2 2 months ago

Lol. That was funny bro. “Karen, take your hand off the trigger.”

by Nguyen Lee 2 months ago

Most of the ones mocking them would have hid under their bed so whatever

by Paul Squires 2 months ago

I fear that a great many of us will eventually find ourselves in exactly the same predicament.

by Dan Miller 2 months ago

When you are in a dangerous situation you defend yourself with what you have.

by Jamie Mezs 2 months ago

Amazing to me that the state attorney still calls them “protesters” after they illegally broke and entered into the community. That’s not protesting. In case anyone was wondering.

by Johobo 2 months ago

My biggest complaint after watching her with that pistol, I can't get "I'm a little tea pot" out of my head.

by Steve R 2 months ago

Nothing wrong with your humor, for the average person put yourself in their position. They had the gates broken down , here comes 300 screaming people. What would you do. Yes they weren't properly trained but we've seen these peaceful protests turn deadly in seconds. Thanks Harry

by Harry Wright 2 months ago

Racism definition update: When a white couple doesn't allow a mob to burn down their house and kill their dog, it's because they are racist.

by Patriot Troll 2 months ago

I give them an 'A' for effort...they successfully defended themselves and their property. Case closed...

by wamps 01 2 months ago

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