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Mark T and Patricia N McCloskey defends home. OK! Lets all weigh in on this.

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Don't nobody NEVER tell me you're going to kill my dog unless you're ready to leave this earth. Just sayin'. Fair warning.

I'm seriously astonished that any American would have an issue with this couple's attempt to protect themselves and their home. I guarantee you that I'll let it be known that I'm armed and prepared to use my weapon if you make a move toward me. I'm not clairvoyant, so don't know your intentions and I'm not waiting around to try to figure out what you're up to when you have come onto my property and are advancing in my direction while hollering threats. For Americans to be questioning this couple's right to do what they did is HIGHLY troubling to me. There's a lot about their movements and their handling of the weapons that could be improved upon, but other than that, I give them 2 thumbs up. The only reason I limit it to 2 is because I only have 2.

by Squee Dow 1 month ago

Absolutely have the right to defend themselves. By whatever means possible.

by Mgoodfello 1 month ago

Defending one's home from an angry mob shouldn't be a controversial subject.

by Kyle Pirigyi 1 month ago

Does it count as peacefully protesting after a masked crowd breaks through a gate covered in “private property” and “no trespassing” signs? Even the sidewalk and street they were “protesting” on were private property, it was a private gated community.

by THE ELITE 1 month ago

"Protestors" have no right to form mobs at people's homes. Eventually this is going to escalate and some of these individuals are going to get killed.

by Ray Liptak 1 month ago

I’m tired of all PSA’s airing constantly about wearing masks and social distant...COVID19 coming back BUT no mention, nothing being done of the large crowd of protestors standing shoulder to shoulder, getting in people and Officers faces screaming, spitting...yet this is okay!

by Texas Magnolia 1 month ago

I don’t judge them for the way they handled their guns. They were obviously terrified and not thinking clearly. It may well be that no amount of training would have kept them calm. Those gangs would do well to stay out of the burbs, but we all know what’s coming.

by Lori 3791 1 month ago

Once someone in your group threatens to kill me, my life is in danger. Any time you spend on my property after that is at the peril of your life

by Mike Howard 1 month ago

I’m tired of people claiming these are “peaceful protests”. I’ll tell you what. I just received my order of 2000 rounds of ammo yesterday and I don’t know about y’all but I feel like I need more 😂 side note - those two do not know how to handle a firearm. The way they are holding those guns is just embarrassing.

by GlassShrimp 1 month ago

I guess we’re all going to have to be prepared to protect ourselves and our families whether we like it or not. The mob has been allowed to act the fool without any restraint for too long. These people weren’t peacefully protesting walking onto private property. Now they are trespassers. That’s against the law. The police weren’t on the way. I might have fired in the air and told them to leave. Believe me they do not want me with a gun in my hand. I’m the shakiest gun in the East.

by Katherine Williams 1 month ago

They probably have never had to deal with any threat to their lives before therefore the lack of knowledge towards brandishing their weapons they never had to use. They did what they had to do, which is their right!

by Larissa DePalo 1 month ago

One of the most basic fundamentals is protecting one's self, ones family, and ones property! What they did is perfectly acceptable and the trespassers can be thankful they remained alive. Those who think they were wrong should think about what they would do if the rolls were reversed. If you would allow the trespassers to attack and injure or kill you or burn down your house, maybe you deserve what you get.

by Donald Riddle 1 month ago

MRM, you are a voice of reason in times of chaos. God bless you.

by T S 1 month ago

"or the right of the people peaceably to assemble"

Everyone citing the Right to Protest always leaves out the 'peaceably' portion.

by Jammin428 1 month ago

We live on navy base, won't be any gate running here. Guards are armed and know how to use them!

by Debbi Sorrentino 1 month ago

Oops, you made someone mad by speaking the truth and they cut your microphone off. Big Brother is listening. 😁 But seriously, I agree with you and most of the commenters, the "protesters" were on private property. No trespassing means keep out. Defending your property is legal.

by James Kirschling 1 month ago

They DID NOT PEACEFULLY open the gate... They broke down their gate.. they broke the gate into 2 .. a pic was on the news .. these people were only protecting their property!!

No more, no less!

They bought it in 1980. Have spent 30 yrs renovating it !

by Gail McLean 1 month ago

The "intent" of the "protesters" aka the mob, was clearly on display and they've established their precedent by prior recent acts of violence. The law was on the homeowners side and if the mob had encroached further, the homeowners would have been legally justified to use deadly force to prevent their own loss of life. A lot of the criticism of "brandishing" is ridiculous. When a mob is surrounding YOU, let's see how you react.

by Bank It 1 month ago

The man stated that the "protesters" kept coming until they brought the weapons out. I would too.

by Claudette Smith 1 month ago

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