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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 5 'Valhalla' Review

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What makes me irrationally enraged is when people say, for example “4am in the morning/7pm at night.”
Please just shoot me instead of saying that, makes me completely mental 🤯🤬🤯

by Leah 3 weeks ago

and i dont remember if they knew he was sober or not cause last episode remember allison was like there is klaus being klaus drunk on the floor

by just sheldon 3 weeks ago

they are connections but it is spoilers and you guys will react like really that is it.. i dont know if you guys will find it smart or stupid. ~mild spoilers~

the time period they are in and the origins of her name

by just sheldon 3 weeks ago

No, it's not common for Americans to say half past 7o'clock. We'd say , some people might say half past 7. I never say quarter past, but some people do. I'd always say . In the film industry in the US, we use a 24 hour clock, divided in 6 minute increments. So if my call time is 7:18 am, we'd say 7.3 If my call time is 1:42pm. We'd say 13.7

by MrRudeboy212 3 weeks ago

Also, my opinion is that season one was a lot better, but I still enjoyed season 2 and really looking forward to season 3, hoping they’ll do Hotel Oblivion.

by Leah 3 weeks ago

A Swedish cover of a song - that's what excites you guys? But you didn't like the opening sequence with Pogo's backstory and Major Tom playing in the background? D*mn... I think those scenes were building to showing Reginald being so adorably parental reading to Pogo compared to how he treated his kids later.

And you've never had ambrosia salad? Jello, Cool Whip, and chunks of fruit all mixed together? You really haven't lived. (Fellow Americans, just go with me here ;) Good episode continuing to build the story. I liked how Reginald addressed the invitation "To My Pursurers." I'm expecting that dinner to be both awkward and amazing.

by Alison Fordice 3 weeks ago

I have a very cursory knowledge of summary of the UA comic books. Apparently, season 2 is based on the second book in Dallas regarding JFK, so as far as writing, you can't blame too much on this show's direction since they're at least going off the source material w/ some changes. Watching along a second time w/ you guys, I have a sense I'm enjoying it a bit more than the first run through, so I can only conclude my initial reaction was based on expectation. As far as Vanya's story line being relevant to Season 2's over all arc?
(kind of a spoiler?VVVV)

I don't think it's meant to be ;)

by HaleysTusk 3 weeks ago

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