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I'm making a move during the oil crash... without investing in oil. Here are three oil tanker stocks that could potentially profit from the short-term drop in oil prices!
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By using YouTube as my online classroom, I was able to learn how to find and research stocks just like y ou see in this video! That's why I was inspired to make this channel in the first place. I want to be a source of knowledge for my subscribers, just as so many other YouTubers were for me..
Disclaimer: As always, these are not official stock recommendations. I am not a trained professional by any means. I am simply providing my opinion.
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by Matthew Huo 5 months ago

Investing in oil is definitely a good move! I wish that I had the money to do so haha! Great video mate! You really went through the ins and outs of this! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ’™

by NathyB1992 5 months ago

oh no I'm getting addicted, every thing is just so good...I was like getting confused about something, and boom, the second after you clarify it right away ! One day, hopefully before you get hair on that chin :p you will want to talk about commercial real estate and how to invest efficiently in it.. and guess what ? I'll be there ;) In the mean time thank you for the quality of your research and the joy and easy going you share that with us. I want mooooorrreee :)

by Pascal Louis-Marie 5 months ago

You're a natural at making vids man. Really good content and entertainment wise. As a fellow small investing channel, I have a high amount of admiration for your content :)

by Investing Intelligently 5 months ago

Very cool man, buy stocks when their value is only going to go up more! and make you some $$$ bro!

by SubzeroMNX 5 months ago

Great recap. One thing that I would is that by summer we can see a large potential excess of oil barrels ranging around 2 billion barrels. They need to be stored somewhere and even with OPEC cuts, it's not enough to offset the current overproduction of oil of around 35 million barrels today. Tankers are a good bet during this oil price war and Coronavirus situation.

by Dustin 5 months ago

"I'm gonna play into this oil crash by not investing in oil"
sheepishly stares at garage full of barrels

by Death in Heels 5 months ago

This is really informational and to the point; Iโ€™ve been wanting to find ways to invest in myself. For sure going to keep up with these videos.

by Lizzie studies 5 months ago

Yo bro what's your Instagram? I want to talk about mindset :)

by Faizan Nasir 5 months ago

As a day trader I don't really care about any of how the company is doing. I look for swings of 1-3% (up or down) and I'm out. I have the 3 listed and 3 more as well but DHT and TK are questionable buys so I not as many positions in those. (For Monday)

by Michael Johnson 5 months ago

Whats your expected %profit on each stock and by when? I know its a tough call but I wanna know how much profit you think it can make for example for DHT and NAT

by Hitesh Jagtiani 5 months ago

that was actually interesting and informational! thanks a bunch!

by Black Healer 5 months ago

Thanks for the video! Great content!
I have a couple questions:ย 
1) What is the difference between TK (which has a dividend) and TNK (which doesn't) ?
2) What do you think of $STNG and $FRO ?
3) I have only followed these tanker stocks for the past week and a half. They seem very volatile. In 2019 their EPS dropped off in Q2 (which won't happen this year). How long do you think they will be able to sustain eps growth?


by Jeff D 5 months ago

Oil tanker stocks are down 5 to 9 % today. Are you still holding or waiting for to cash in again ?

by Kevin Mei 4 months ago

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by Adison Bean 4 months ago

Long option on DHT and theyโ€™re reporting earnings soon.

by Nicole Vascianna 5 months ago

Great content and congrats on the growth on your channel! Your contents are informative and entertaining:)

by Travel Adventure 4 months ago

Thank you for being so thorough. I enjoy watching your educational videos.

by Oscar Lopez 5 months ago

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