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Boeing just had a massive run today! Is now the right time to buy Boeing stock? Is it too late to buy BA? I break down some recent Boeing stock news and give 3 reasons why I invested in Boeing a few weeks ago.
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Matthew Huo photo 1 SHOULD YOU BUY BOEING STOCK?... Matthew Huo photo 2 SHOULD YOU BUY BOEING STOCK?... Matthew Huo photo 3 SHOULD YOU BUY BOEING STOCK?... Matthew Huo photo 4 SHOULD YOU BUY BOEING STOCK?...

Bought ba calls at low, now up 550% :) actually bought all air companies, up big % already, biggest one is spirit airlines atm

by Pฤ“teris Bidiล†ลก 5 months ago

Yes, should get Boeing shares! This company has a strong foundation and an extremely good potential!

by B Kai 5 months ago

Got 101 shares. Considering buying a around $2000 more tomorrow with my gains.

by Harry Zaruba III 5 months ago

You gained another sub just for expressing your support for our community at the end. Thank you โœŠ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ

by TheRealdealdude2 5 months ago

So fabulous!!! As usual!!!! Thanks Matthew ๐ŸŒˆyour fan : francine de Sousa :)

by This too shall pass 5 months ago

i bought CHK right after being kicked out of USO when CHK was at $12
feels gooodddd
wish i bought hertz instead but oh well

by KawhiSexual 5 months ago

Would've loved this few last week lol ! International consolidate airlines up 50% !!! And easyJet up 40%, maybe potential video on these ?

by Sean 5 months ago

Great video Matt! Commenting partly for the YT algorithm but entirely for you! Great research and info to back your choices. Keep up the videos!

by Hunter Ashley 5 months ago

I like how you root for the laid offs peeps. Hilarious .

by Milton Estrocio 5 months ago

I went all in on Airbus just over a week ago, the duopoly is on the way to recovery.

by Maj 5 months ago

Love to hear your background!
Age, place of residence, educational background, etc.

by Billy Jun 5 months ago

Im currently up $800 on BA, bought the shares about 2 weeks ago :)

by Cole Doran 5 months ago

Iโ€™m a retired NFL player! I loved your video. Thank you for supporting BLM! I grew up in the ghetto, and these police issues have been going on since I was a kid. Iโ€™m now 43 years old. Itโ€™s a long way to go but at least people are acknowledging itโ€™s an issue. Thatโ€™s the first step is admitting it. I bough BA at 94 5000 worth and never bough individual stocks! Only mutual funds. Iโ€™ve been learning from different channels and I will subscribe!

by BossBallHeadDawg25 5 months ago

GREAT INFO! Thank you. Do you have any inputs on $BA? thx.

by Izik Ilyaguyev 5 months ago

got some BA on my retirement account but I got UAL on my trading account and up close to 47%. We all knew that airlines will recover in a big way. It's the fastest way to travel.

by Bears Vs Bulls 5 months ago

Hey Matthew, loved the video! Thanks for the great insight into Boeing, definitely one I've been watching as well. As a growing YouTuber in the investing niche too it's amazing to see how quickly you've been growing. Keep up the good work and making videos!

by James Bernstein 5 months ago

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