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Is Boeing's Stock About To Take Flight? (Outlook + Technical Analysis)

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A Boeing Company overview, investment outlook, and technical analysis of the stock. Enjoy!
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If the stock does return to its previous high, that would be a HUGE return

by Alpha Trades 1 month ago

So well explained. I love the vibe in this video Not sure if you’ve done it but do a TSLA analysis

by diMango Yabullus 3 weeks ago

Aren't they the company who did a lot of questionable stock buybacks to inflate the stock's price?

by John Bridge 1 month ago

Hey, do you have a video on how you did your analysis? I was pretty much tracking on everything you said except for mentioning the gap fill. Why was that specific gap-fill relevant? Thanks for doing this video, btw! I trade BA regularly. Can you do an analysis of $NIO?

by Patrick Skinner 1 month ago

Well explained

by Mikey 1 month ago


by Lufthansa 4 weeks ago

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