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Stock Market Hyper Bubble โ€“ Latest Fed Move Revealed

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A giant Stock Market Hyper Bubble is coming our way due to the latest move revealed by the Federal Reserve..
Make your list and get ready!
๐Ÿ”ฅ WDS (Hyper Bubble) Portfolio: ๐Ÿ”ฅ
The federal reserve has come out with full guns blazing in response to the market crashing from the pandemic (COVID-19). The fed seems to have learned from their 2008 response to the great financial crisis and their movements which were too little too late..
the government, us treasury and federal reserve all stated they would do whatever it takes, they said they were prepared to do QE to infinity and even used the word unlimited toward their response and capabilities to handled and respond to these market downturns and hold off the inevitable market crash..
But now, it appears the Government and Federal Reserve are so addicted to growth, of both economic and market growth, at all costs. The Fed seems unable to even handle a 9% drop in the market without more stimulus..
in the latest Federal Reserve report, they stated that the Financial-sector susceptibility are expected to be significant in the near term and that a sharp reduction in tax revenues is placing significant stress on state governments. The Fed, Central Bank and government all recognize that there will be long term repercussions from small businesses and firms shutting down permanently or declare bankruptcy. Despite aggressive fiscal and monetary policy actions, risks abroad are skewed to the downside the economic damage of the recession may be quite persistent.
And so because of this, the Fed has made it clear they are not going to wait
but instead act. the fed announcement is causing the markets to shoot higher but don't expect it to last forever..
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