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Top Airline Stocks To Buy Right Now

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Hey guys how's it going it's Andy from MagooInvesting. Happy Monday! In today's video I wanted to re-visit the airline stocks that I talked about back in April and May. In today's video I wanted to talk about the top airline stocks to buy right now. In this video I'm going to discuss the airline stock news that has been impacting these stocks and talk about what problems I see with the sector going forward. In this video I'm going to talk about Boeing Stock (BA Stock), American Airlines Stock (AAL Stock), United Airlines Stock (UAL Stock), Alaska Airlines Stock (ALK Stock), Southwest Airlines Stock (LUV Stock), and Delta Stock (DAL Stock). These are all in the cheap stocks to buy july 2020 category because of the problems they've had so far in 2020. Currently, a lot of these stocks are on the robinhood top stocks list because they've become so popular as an undervalued stock to buy right now. After talking about the airline stocks overall, I'll like my top airline stocks to buy from the 6 stocks I mentioned. This is a tough industry and they've had a lot of problems. Let me know what you think of airline stocks and what your top airline stock to buy right now is. Thanks for watching and I'll see you on Wednesday!
0:00 Video Intro | Top Airline stocks to buy right now | Top Stocks to buy July 2020 | Airline stocks
1:30 Stock Market News | Airline stock news | Undervalued stocks to buy July 2020 | Top Stocks
3:45 Airline stocks bailout | Airline stocks stock buy backs | Airline stock Dividends | Airline stocks
7:45 Airline stock #1 | American Airlines stock | AAL stock | American Stock | AAL Stock Buy
8:45 Airline stock #2 | United Stock | UAL Stock | United Airlines stock | Cheap stocks to buy july 2020
9:55 Airline Stock # 3 | Boeing Stock | BA Stock | BA Stock Price | Stocks to buy now robinhood
12:10 Airline stock #4 | Alaska stock | Alaska Airlines Stock | Best stocks july 2020 | ALK Stock
13:45 Airline stock # 5 | Delta Stock | DAL Stock | Best stocks to buy now for 2020 | Delta stock Price
15:20 Airline Stock #6 | Southwest Stock | SouthWest Airlines Stock | LUV Stock | Stocks to buy Now
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Thanks for watching! What is your favorite airline stock?

by Magoo Investing 2 months ago

i love southwest even though they do not fly out of my hometown which is Jackson,MS they have been cutting cost for years love the direction they are going and we only flew southwest before but now we fly delta it all makes sense as to why the list is a one - two punch. Great video man ! I loved southwest because it was just a plane not about snacks and food either but getting you to your destination!

by Hydro 2 months ago

I bought AAL stocks about $70 and I’m thinking about going big on Delta and LUV ... thoughts? Should I wait before going big ?

by Lil Swerveyy 1 month ago

alaska air lines are all cheats & liars avoid them-they screwed me like a son of a

by Ricardo Casino 2 months ago

alaska air lines & their credit card are all cheats & liars-avoid them

by Ricardo Casino 2 months ago

I've long felt DAL and LUV were the only two investable airlines, but at this point I think all the airlines are specs at best. This doesn't mean I'm not interested in the industry tho'. I like the parts and service suppliers since service contracts last decades. I think RTX (Raytheon Technologies) is an excellent pick. I'd even rather own downtrodden GE who's a leader in the engine space (along with RTX) over any of the actual airline stocks today.

Full disclosure - I own positions in GE & RTX and that's more than enough airline exposure for me right now

Thanks for the video Andy!.

by Critical Mass Investing with Scott 2 months ago

What you are missing is the pipeline to airlines from the military and other channels. The "spike" in unemployment is nothing. I have spent 13 years in the U.S. Air Force flying the C-130 and Gulfstream, and the one thing that is consistent is our shrinkage of retained pilots. Until COVID, the Air Force had a BIG problem on its hands with seasoned and type-rated certified pilots leaving the military in droves from $250k paychecks and better schedules. The feed to the airlines will always be in benefit of the airlines. It's uncomparable to other industries, minus healthcare.

by The Lost Aviator 2 months ago

Any major airlines I think you can bank on a 25 percent increase in your portfolio. May take time but it will happen.

by Bulging Hemorrhoids 2 months ago

The government didn't give the airlines the money, you did. Remember taxpayers pay for it in the future. Governments like 30% of the S&P 500 are broke

by Bullion Bloke 2 months ago

SAVE and LUV received nice upgrades from Goldman Sachs. SAVE actually received the rare CONVICTION BUY. Price PT moved up by $5 from 15 to 20.

by Ian 2 months ago

I spread $2500 on 4 airlines and jets etf. Now I just sit back and wait to be rich af

by Karen 2 months ago

Just analysed AAL yesterday on my channel. Its a total mess. No reason to invest right now.

by Investing for Generations 2 months ago

How’s Portland working out for ya?

by Tyler Johnson 1 month ago

How come nobody is talking about Azul Airlines !!!!!!!!!

by Rick dude 2 months ago

Nice video. What is your take on Air New Zealand?

by aligee1 2 months ago

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