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Trevor Lane On JR Smith Signing, Battle Of LA & Lakers/Raptors

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Trevor Lane of Lakers Nation joins this week's show as we talk about how he got started with Lakers Nation (0:00), the Lakers signing JR Smith (5:02), the battle of LA (7:24), Lakers/Raptors (11:36) and we end with some fun rapid fire questions (15:20). LIKE & SUB for more podcasts!
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Luca Rosano photo 1 Trevor Lane On JR Smith... Luca Rosano photo 2 Trevor Lane On JR Smith... Luca Rosano photo 3 Trevor Lane On JR Smith... Luca Rosano photo 4 Trevor Lane On JR Smith...

Hope you enjoy this week's show with special guest Trevor Lane of Lakers Nation! Like & Sub for more podcast!

by Luca Rosano 1 month ago

NBA Finals 2020: Lakers-Bucks

by ?? 1 month ago

Raps clippers nba finals

by Michael c 1 month ago

Great interview. Enjoying these basketball content

by Good_to_be_gold 1 month ago

Damn Luca, you really stepping up your game lately.

by Andrew 1 month ago

PG a superstar lol he cant get past the first round and chokes lol

by Gang time 1 month ago

An awesome job Luca! You will someday be in the same league as Trevor Lane! Just a matter of time my man!!

by Robert Clement 1 month ago

before the season ? the bucks were on a losing streak

by Gang time 1 month ago

cant the lakers sue them . how in their brand they have lakers as lakers use a hastag lakers nation lol i seen their video a lot

by Gang time 1 month ago

It’s no surprise that JR Smith will join LeBron in LA.

by Lau Michael 1 month ago

Great interview Luca , you are becoming very professional and your future in sports media is bright .

by AJB Bbbbn 1 month ago

og anunoby clamped lebron to 13 hes no longer a rookie and can limit lebron and the lakers have terrible depth while the raptors have the deepest team in the league so we might just might be able to beat the lakers al tho i still would give la the edge

by SpicyPandLowry EqualsChampions 1 month ago

My NBA Finals Predictions
Lakers Vs Raptors > Raptors win in 4. 2-2

by Super Fahim 1 month ago

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