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‘Ken and Karen’ aim guns at protesters in St. Louis + shooting breaks out at Breonna Taylor Protest

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Lovelyti TV photo 1 ‘Ken and Karen’ aim guns... Lovelyti TV photo 2 ‘Ken and Karen’ aim guns... Lovelyti TV photo 3 ‘Ken and Karen’ aim guns... Lovelyti TV photo 4 ‘Ken and Karen’ aim guns...

In This Podcast Episode I'm speaking on the controversy surrounding the wealthy ken & karen who pulled out guns on protestors+ the shooting that happened during the Breonna Taylor Protest.
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by Lovelyti TV 3 months ago

Something in my spirit is not sitting right about Fourth of July y’all stay safe

by Darnita Love 3 months ago

She intended no harm but still gave out their address 🥴. Girl Bye

by Kdente 3 months ago

She holding that gun like it's a bottle of windex

by Kevin Dukes 3 months ago

The fact her office said “this is the price u pay for speaking out” let that sink in

by Niaa Niaaa 3 months ago

2020 needs a full documentary on it's foolishness 🥴💀

by Tyler Clarke 3 months ago

In the UK its illegal to give out personal information. I don't understand how this is allowed in the US

by Nyla Helene 3 months ago

Even if those addresses were public. What gave HER the right to do that.. she put citizens at risk. No one would know where they live or who they are if she didn't mention their names and addresses.

by sleepyeyes 3 months ago

Karen was holding that gun like she was about to start a track meet 💀

by blumountaindew 3 months ago

---Dont vote her back in. Voting is power!

by Nee C 3 months ago

I never understood "being scared for your life" while going towards what you’re scared of 🤨

by Ket Ket 3 months ago

Private property and the riots and looting that has occurred...the homeowners do have a right to say “not over here”. 🤷🏾‍♀️Unfortunately I can tell that from that interview they are going to milk the situation though 🙄Also...the argument about defunding but then threatening to call the police on the homeowners? There’s too much chaos and confusion right now...

by Indigo 3 months ago

History never dies! It only repeats itself! You can't change the spirits of these spirits😡

by Prophetess LaTonja 3 months ago

Actually, if this is private property, broke down my gates, and a mob came thru towards my house , peaceful or not, i'm grabbing my gat too!

by rueben3213 3 months ago

The way Karan is holding that gun she’s about to hit herself in the eye from the kickback if her gun goes off.

by TaylorAnn Lawless 3 months ago

If they feared for their lives, why did they go outside toward the fear...

by Nile Benjamin 3 months ago

Ti, you live in a strange country 😂

by Kaysha 3 months ago

I’m not going to lie if I see a group of ppl breaking down the gate into my private property I’m getting my gun.. but I’m shocked the mayor lives in central west end

by Jazmin Daneen 3 months ago

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