how private roads and neighborhoods in st louis came to be

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There are tons of gated communities near me. Fancy ones and even trailer parks are gated. This is nonsense. Don’t break gates down and storm someone’s property. No gray area.

by Sarah Daniels 2 months ago

How is it confusing? Its a private street. A street can be private. It had a sign and a gate. It wasnt confusing. The protestors destroyed private property and trespassed... they had already committed two crimes before getting within 30 feet of their house... and they were on his property as they yelled at him. He feared for his life. You dont get to say that you feared for your life after provoking someone into fearing for theirs.

by RevucumberTechUSA 3 months ago

if the streets are owned by the property owners then the protesters have no right to trespass.

by zero g templar 3 months ago

"A st louis thing" wtf no its not, my neighborhood is gated and private and there is a clear sign saying trespassers will be prosecuted. Stop making everything political

by nos victurium 2 months ago

also, do not call the “protesters”. They were not, as they broke in the private residence, and threatened the couple with violence. There is literally nothing legal or defensible about looters and rioter’s actions.

by Sunamer Z 3 months ago

Its not confusing, its private property and forming a mob on someones private property is illegal.

by Chris Mequet 3 months ago

They broke through locked gates, so confusing lol!

by U.S.Slave 2 months ago

MSM communist tries to get an historian to say the couple was wrong.

by NebulousCat 3 months ago

how private streets came about? This question would be appropriate in ussr, but not in america, where private property rights are enforced. You can pay for land, and build a street on it. tah daaah - behold - a private street. Was it that hard to understand?

by Sunamer Z 3 months ago

When I prosecuted two teens for walking on my roof. The magistrate informed the two that under the Castle doctrine I ( the home owner) could have shot them both dead. There isn't much doubt they were planning to try to rob me at in the morning.

by Pamela Wherey 2 months ago

So, gated communities are a St. Louis thing? I don't think so! They're all over America! And who WOULDN'T want to live in one! I know I would. Anyone with more than 2 braincells would!

by Gerry Berry 2 months ago

Who can walk on them? You mean angry mobs menacing home owners.

by Crazy Lace 2 months ago

You do realise that the Mayor of St Louis also lives in a gated community. And why not?

by Gerry Berry 2 months ago

Rioters and vandals are above the law in St Louis. God help us!

by 65 TossPowerTrap 2 months ago

In my county there was an old street that only had one home remaining at the end. The county did not desire the maintenance costs so it offered to deed the street to that homeowner, he accepted the deed to the street and right-of-way. Private streets are really not uncommon. Gated communities have private streets and sometimes you find them where old farms were subdivided between heirs and they put in a street and built homes. Those tend to have a sign indicating that it is a private street and less often it has a gate.

by dbergerac 3 months ago

I lived in St Louis for two years, twice almost got robbed and once had my car broken into. Not a very safe city. Residence have every single right to protect their families.

by A W 1 month ago

Gotta love how MSM tried so hard to make it sound like gated communities are a thing of the past. Fake news at its worst.

by Max Steel 2 months ago

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