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Bryan Callen Chris D'Elia - $1000 GIVEAWAY

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Jake and Georgia give there opinion on Chris Delia and Bryan callen and who they think handled the allegations better and there response.
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This one
Itโ€™s so refreshing to see a podcast that isnโ€™t some hyper reaction of the topic. This is chilled, sincere and fair. Love it

by James Holt 1 month ago

This one
I showed my grandma this video and she thought this was really nice since everyone is going through alot right now

by Janiya Wicker 1 month ago

nice down to earth sincere podcast. Keep going

by marc miller 1 month ago

This one. Your video is socially address one of the common issues in everyday life but no-one really underlining truth of solving it. Pleading innocence and guiltiness or hiding truth. Great to see you are addressing this in a video conference. Means a lot to everyday problems solving guides.

by Diba Kora 1 month ago

your niece chloe showed me this and i enjoy watching them

by Abbie Barber 2 weeks ago

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