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00s (빵빵즈) - Psycho (original song: Red Velvet) [Music Bank / 2020.06.26]

#IZ*ONE #뮤직뱅크 #스케치북 #Golden Child #Entertainment
00s (빵빵즈) - Psycho (original song: Red Velvet) [Music Bank / 2020.06.26]
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KBS World photo 1 00s (빵빵즈) - Psycho (original... KBS World photo 2 00s (빵빵즈) - Psycho (original... KBS World photo 3 00s (빵빵즈) - Psycho (original... KBS World photo 4 00s (빵빵즈) - Psycho (original...

hyunjin lowkey looks like psycho era wendy here it's iconic

by galbieu 3 months ago

I’m a dude, but I find this so fcking attractive. Like, I’m legitimately questioning my sexuality because of this video

by BarmanFreddy 2 weeks ago

hyunjin is perfect, but talk about the other boys too pls

by — chuuves 2 weeks ago

Red Velvet version: who's blonde hair girl?
00s version: who's blonde hair guy?
Me: cOnfUseD 👁👄👁

by theboyz&loona 2 weeks ago

hyunjin said he wasn’t a vocalist, all men do is lie 😢.

by Farah Elbardisy 4 days ago

Why there aren't so many people talking about daehwi and sanha voices they where so perfect !

by Priceless 17 1 day ago

Girls: I think he's cheating at me!

Actually him with his friends:

by potchixonce 4 days ago

Bomin : “I’m original visual”
Irene: Confirmed

by Youth is me 1 week ago

Hyunjin - Stray Kids
Sanha - Astro
Bomin - Golden Child
Daehwi - Ab6ix

by loey 1485 3 months ago

And we thought Hyunjin was the lead rapper

by King_Lion 2 weeks ago

Everyone talking about Hyunjin, but guys please appreciate Bomin, Sanha, and Daehwi because Hyunjin can't do it all if not for these 3 people who slayed it.

by Christian Dave 5 days ago

Came here for Sanha, but Hyunjin was like, no baby, you're gonna look only at me. And really, who the hell am I to say no.

by Nikki Knack 1 day ago

I liked their version, hyunjin can be a main vocalist, can rap and how he dance? Its just wow! Such a talented guy!

by Tim Thy 1 week ago


by iwee 3 months ago

Hyunjin literally made me stan stray kids after this performance

by mic 2 weeks ago

why is no one talking about Bomin? His voice is so soft and beautiful

by Squerk 2 5 days ago

Others: Who’s your bias

Me: All of them

by Josue Soni 2 days ago

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