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Edward Snowden: How Your Cell Phone Spies on You

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Me - "Dang that's scary man"
Also me - Continues to use a smartphone every day of my life

by Swifty Unknown 11 months ago

Ahh. Back when WAP meant wireless access point

by Tee Rilla 1 month ago

No one will EVER convince me that this guy isn't a Patriot in the truest meaning of the word.

by Chairman Meow 2 weeks ago

"You can't awaken someone, who is pretending to be asleep."
I will remember this.

by Amanda Niess 1 month ago

Snowden never threatened blackmail, he never threatened to release info if they didn't pay him. He never asked for anything like a traitor would. What did he have to gain? He lost everything including his home and family. He did it knowing he would probably be put in jail or killed if he didn't go on the run but yet he did it anyway. A patriot if there ever was one.

by al smith 3 weeks ago

This guy is far from a traitor. He sacrificed his life to bring public awareness.

by Ferny Fresh 5 months ago

Jim Carry "The Truman Show" - Will Smith “Enemy of the State"

by Monica Hayes 2 days ago

I feel like snowden must feel defeated. Snowden gave up everything to tell us what he knows and so many ignore his words. I hate the loss of privacy. It makes me so angry!

by Dore Hoss 4 weeks ago

"The scandal isn't how they're breaking the law, the scandal is that they don't have to break the law."

by Will Linders 3 weeks ago

When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime , you are being ruled by criminals

Edward Snowden

by Al Capone 11 months ago

Am I the only one who actually finds Snowden's voice incredibly pleasant and soothing? I mean, despite the subject matter.

by Jonathan Dorozowsky 3 weeks ago

Just imagine how long your battery would last, if surveillance wouldn’t be a thing

by Baum Telefon 1 month ago

I would bet that everybody who watched or commented on this video just moved up on the surveillance list.

by Daryl Laforge 1 month ago

Smart phones don't make people smarter they make the government smarter

by M Brenner 1 month ago

2013: Edward Snowden sacrificed everything to open our eyes
2019: hey Alexa .....

by Lena De 11 months ago

This guy is having to hide out in a foreign country for telling the truth while the clinton's who have done things a thousand worse than he has live like royalty in this country.

by al smith 3 weeks ago

Our president needs to pardon Snowden

by thelock7000 4 weeks ago

After Joe's opening question, he didn't make a sound for the next seven minutes and 40 seconds while Snowden talked, until he asked about mitigating cell phones vulnerabilities. That tells you how fascinated Joe was with this.

by Mililiani Buckeye 3 weeks ago

There's a high chance that if Snowden was no longer exiled. The government would make him 'disappear.'

by cuss word sayer 3 weeks ago

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