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BODYBUILDER vs MY DAUGHTER - Adorable Fitness and Gymnastics Challenge

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The Giant vs The Gymnast!! This is too cute for me to handle. Thumbs up if you want a rematch!.
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In this video, my gymnast daughter Salish challenges bodybuilding giant Ike Catcher to a strength and fitness challenge on Santa Monica Beach. He's got the size but she's got the sass! There are 10 rounds, including events like push ups, sprinting, walking handstand, back handspring, ropes and flexibility. The winner gets bragging rights and the loser gets a consequence..
Video by Sandy Chase
Assistant Editor: Kelly Butler
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#strength #jordan matter #gymnastics #competition #acrobatics #body builder #tallest bodybuilder #muscle beach #challenge #photo challenge #kid vs adult

Jordan Matter photo 1 BODYBUILDER vs MY DAUGHTER -... Jordan Matter photo 2 BODYBUILDER vs MY DAUGHTER -... Jordan Matter photo 3 BODYBUILDER vs MY DAUGHTER -... Jordan Matter photo 4 BODYBUILDER vs MY DAUGHTER -...

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