i fooled the entire lobby by being someone else

jj-olatunji photo 1 i fooled the entire lobby... jj-olatunji photo 2 i fooled the entire lobby... jj-olatunji photo 3 i fooled the entire lobby... jj-olatunji photo 4 i fooled the entire lobby...

Callux: “Do we have to listen to your waffle for another 60 seconds?”
Ethan just straight up: “yeah”
Had me on ropes 😂😂😂

by BlackPhoenix 640 10 hours ago

When Ethan was like "I'm just not going to vote", JJ should have just voted immediately lol

by David Bubar 11 hours ago

Simon "JJ I want a link in the description" JJ: "I'm good"

by TheBoomBouncer 16 hours ago

Big up Simon, giving the idea to JJ and not even participating in the joke because he didn’t want his viewers to spoil it.

by Daniela Russo 13 hours ago

Poor Ethan. You didn't make it easy for him. Imagine is everyone swapped

by Eloise Pocock 15 hours ago

Love you bro, you’re perfect, you’re crazy <3

by TARGET 2 hours ago

Poor Simon he didn't even get a link in the description.

by MeMeS iO 14 hours ago

Simon: "I want a link in the discription"
JJ: "Ahh yeah yeah thank you for that"
the description with no link to Simon

by MattsterHD 10 hours ago

Why do people hate him playing among us it’s class!

by Ollie 18 15 hours ago

They should've known BIG BEHZ is JJ since only JJ is allowed to wear the brown skin

by Dora from the hood 15 hours ago

When reddit think they can’t make fun of JJ anymore and he does this

by Sharujan Sel6 13 hours ago

I like how KSI does emergency button as Ethan and Ethan survives but when Ethan does emergency button as KSI he gets voted off

by Kyle 8 hours ago

Simon: I want a link in the description, yea?

JJ: Yes, thank you Simon

Description: No link

by Makana Shimizu 8 hours ago

KSI is so good, he can keep his whole audience entertained throughout the whole video. I wish I could do the same job my videos.

by Cryptical 2 hours ago

bIg bRaIn MoMeNtS

by abdlxh 6 hours ago

Simon's title: KSIMON playing toghether ! Little does he know he won with Ethan xD

by Rosso 16 hours ago

JJ thinks we forgot about Fifa 12 days when he created his Pro

by Stacko 14 hours ago

Plot twist: the whole sidemen among us group were all other people, JJ and Ethan never even knew

by Reading 8 hours ago

JJ: I don’t think anyone has done this before

Laurenzside and Gloom: are you sure about that?

by •boba Bear• 15 hours ago

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