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First Date Does My Makeup

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Hey everyone, hope you have been amazing! It's officially SUMMER and after 6 months of being single, I thought it was time to start dating again... But imagine inviting a guy over and he shows up to take you out to dinner but you haven't gotten ready.. So you ask HIM to do your makeup. Yes, that's what's happening today. Buckle in and watch the journey of Jozea doing my entire face from start to finish before our date!
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POV: You're scrolling through the hate comments while Jeffree talks in the background 👁👄👁

by PopRockets 1 weeks ago

Who's here after Morphe cut ties with Jeffree Star and his cosmetics company after explosive drama involving the beauty mogul

by Jordan Lenihan 21 hours ago

jerry be quick on defending his cremated palette but not his "best friend"

like can i get a "shane who?" sisters?

by Friendly Reminder 3 days ago

For those looking for a genuine apology, just stop. Narcissists don’t apologize. He thinks he is better than you.

by Skyler Adriel 2 weeks ago

Jeffrey: "How do I solve the problem? "
His Impulses: .......... token black boy toy

by The Ghetto Physicist 4 days ago

I don’t know what is worse the acting or jeffree's personality

by Mclovin 11 hours ago

Jeffree: Shane is like family to me
Shane gets canceled
Jeffree: ight ima head out

by Boba 3 days ago

Jeffree doesn’t need a slice of humble pie, he NEEDS a whole bakery.

by It’s a Lettuce 1 weeks ago

Who's here after hearing Morphe dropped their partnership. LMAOOOOOKASJDF

by David Cruz 1 days ago

Had anyone here actually watched this video or are we all pausing and just here for the comments?

by Jayne H 4 days ago

I’m so disgusted I even liked you, let alone bought your products. You haven’t changed from that person who you claim doesn’t exist anymore

by Leah 3 days ago

JS: Jeffree Star on a date, BrEaKiNg NeWs !!!
Me: Jeffree Star, not taking a stand against pedophilia & racisim... BrEaKiNg NeWs !!!

by Taylor White 1 days ago

This is another level of “Let me post this on my sc story so my ex can see it”

by Kat 5896 2 weeks ago

This full grown adult tried to end a child’s career cause he felt threatened and y’all still like him...

by Remi Beavers 4 days ago

You are a horrible friend. Used shane for your biggest launch and ghost him when he needs you

by K stardust 4 days ago

Finally Morphe dropped Jeff Starfish, good for them.

Imagine how the co-founders JSC hate Jeffrey now. He is the face of the brand and with such a disgusting reputation. They obviously invested in the wrong person 😂😂😂

by joo lee 1 days ago

POV: you're coming back to Jeremiah Starfish's channel every two days to see if he's made an apology video yet ☕️

by starrynvghts 4 days ago

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