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The 9Barista Espresso Machine Review

James Hoffmann photo 1 The 9Barista Espresso Machine Review James Hoffmann photo 2 The 9Barista Espresso Machine Review James Hoffmann photo 3 The 9Barista Espresso Machine Review James Hoffmann photo 4 The 9Barista Espresso Machine Review

Thank you for taking the time to make this impressive, thorough review. It's great to hear you have good words to say about our machine!
One small thing - the ideal brew time is between 3 and 6 minutes. Any time in this window is ideal. Not just 6 minutes as you mention.
Also - if you're careful, you can grind and tamp your coffee whilst the boiler is warming up. That allows you to get the cycle time to ~4 mins.
Will & the 9Barista team

by 9Barista 2 months ago

My wife hears me watch a James Hoffman video and ask, “What are you going to buy now?”

by SpaceCowboy 2 months ago

Stovetop espressomaker. Who would have thought the coffee-engineer-gods would grace us so.

by Atlantianis 2 months ago

That thing is one kyber crystal away from being a lightsaber. Elegant.

by Matt Gwaltney 2 months ago

Good review James, you now having me giving this some serious thought. Even before listening to your review, the look of this device had me giving it some serious thought from a design and artistic standpoint. I loved its minimal utilitarian refine look. The 9Barista Espresso Machine is quite literally Steampunk! Thank you sir for sharing your all things coffee passion with us. 👍🙏🙂

by Paolo Bramucci 2 months ago

James' voice and general demeanor makes me think he could convince me to do some truly terrible things because, coming from him, they would sound reasonable. Don't start a cult James.

by Christian B 2 months ago

The fix for the water bubbling out if the chimney by roughing the inner surface with sand paper is a really lovely fix. It reminds me of how the inside walls of the chambers of the heart are not smooth for this exact same reason. Smooth heart chambers cause increased blood turbulence and hence increased risk of clots as well as poor cardiac output. Beautiful examples of nature’s engineering and human engineering!

by carrhj 2 months ago

I wanted to share, in regards to the bubbling issue from the boiling chamber, from the 9Barista blog, they have already changed production to account for this moving forward:
"If your machine serial number is greater than 322, then your machine has already had this treatment applied during production – so you shouldn’t need the kit."

by ロウエロ 2 months ago

James, I think you are missing a second group of people this is for: mechanical engineers who are into coffee (of which I know quite a few). Personally, I have to have this, not because it fits my lifestyle, but because I just love the thermodynamic design so much.

by John Foster 2 months ago

Omg it is amazing. Hats off to the engineers that dreamt this up. I truly can appreciate the complexity of what they have done in a very simple and elegant mechanical design.

by The Ginger Power Ranger 1 month ago

It would pay for it's self in two years if espresso is worth $1 to you. You use about 40 cents a day to pay for coffee beans. That leaves 60 cents a day to pay for equipment. $400 divided by 60 cents a day lets this pay for its self in two years. One year if you use if twice a day or if espresso id worth $1.60 to you.

I just ordered mine. Thank you for the review James.

by Dwight Jones 2 months ago

To be honest, if it is priced under £200, I may actually get one. £295 is a bit too much for what it does.

by KissMyAsthma 3 weeks ago

I love my 9barista. Had a few issues like you mentioned with the boiling water and gaskets.

Great brewing, I use it every morning, I find the process quite satisfying and relaxing. I own a number of coffee shops so I can grab espresso any time, but I still enjoy using this daily.

by Craig Bunting 2 months ago

Looks like something that fell off during a SpaceX launch.

by technosteed 2 months ago

Papa Hoffmann has blessed us today

by Cujo26 2 months ago

Pristine craftsmanship. I'd love to own this masterpiece but my girl would leave me for spending that much.

by Boom Stick 2 months ago

"I'm at sea level" - James with the most relatable content

by Prijay Mistry 2 months ago

Looks like Im going to have to save my $$$ to be able to purchase this cool machine.

by Sung Ha 2 months ago

I love James’ attention to scientific accuracy: “boiling water at [slight pause] 100 degrees Celsius, or wherever you are, here at sea level, water boils at 100c”

by Rusty Moran 2 months ago

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