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Chase Rice Says Safety at His Concert Is ‘Big Priority’

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A number of country music stars have been criticized by their fellow artists after putting fans and venue staff at risk by holding concerts. Country music star Chase Rice performed a concert in Nashville with no social distancing, and seemingly not a single concertgoer wore a mask. Fellow singer Kelsea Ballerini and a healthcare worker called out Rice on social media. Rice responded by saying everyone had a blast. Another star, Chris Janson, held a concert in Idaho and plans another in Kentucky.

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If your fans safety were a huge priority then this video wouldn’t be posted.

by Sophia 1 months ago

This is literally why the cases sky rocketed lol

by Titan Y 1 months ago

This why Europeans banned us from traveling to there country

by Bryan Hernandez 1 months ago

"Eventually everybody's gonna end up catching it."

Yeah because we're surrounded by idiots!

by Arrow Strike 1 months ago

Sigh, the U.S is doomed... Come on guys, is it really that hard to social distance/wear mask

by StarPerson A 1 months ago

Stay at home and use a radio, spotify, YouTube, etc just dont go to concerts

by TsunGod 1 months ago

Everyone will eventually get the virus?!? Well duh with the stuff your doing everyone will have it

by Sophia 1 months ago

If he really cared about safety, he wouldn’t have had a concert under these conditions without social distancing and masks.

by Frenite 1 months ago

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard

by Jordan Ng 1 months ago

For people like this We’ll have to wear a mask for ever, We’ll have to stop hugging our grandparents, we’ll have to freak out anytime someone coughs or sneezes next to us!!! 😒😒

by Caiga Quien Caiga 1 months ago

out of all the people they chose to interview her not everyone is gonna catch the virus but they will if this stupidity keeps up

by I Have memes, wanna see them? 1 months ago

IE: how many vids a minute?
IE: Nah, every millisecond

by Michelle101 1 months ago

Ugh chase rice was one of my favorites. Not surprising he's a moron too though.

by Jay Bear 1 months ago

People who put other people at risk like this should have to pay a fine.

by Master Shake 1 months ago

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