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Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial | GMA

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Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!.
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Good Morning America photo 1 Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial... Good Morning America photo 2 Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial... Good Morning America photo 3 Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial... Good Morning America photo 4 Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial...

“Just a little drizzle of oil”

Invades Iraq

by Sychrari 1 year ago

Don’t forget to dislocate your jaws before eating.

by crystalmtn01 2 weeks ago

How the hell can he serve those burgers without a cold, refreshing glass of Salt and Pepper?

by BladeRunner 3 weeks ago

A moment of silence for the cameramen who did nothing but salivate while being forced to film this food porn.

by Mac 1 week ago

did he really touch the burgers out without seasoning his hand

by The Tsou TV 1 week ago

Gordon didn't baptize his children......he seasoned them.

by Patrick Sobb 1 month ago

“A busy grill is a delicious grill”

Last words of Gordon Ramsay before he tries to eat grill.

by Tom Solovic 2 weeks ago

Touches burger while its on the grill

"He's a monster..."

by Gabe Simmers 3 weeks ago

Legend says that Gordon Ramsay starts his morning with a nice warm cup of salt and pepper

by 3KBS Channel 2 weeks ago

I've lost track of how many times I've watched this video, it always makes me so hungry

by iDeactivateMC 1 month ago

"The Flame is the Flavor!"
Proceeds to add enough salt to give an elephant a stroke.

by William Clukey Jr 3 weeks ago

Gordon Ramsay is the Chef God. Strict, precise, and very creative on dishes.

by Wolf 3100 20 hours ago

Gordons Ramsey’s parents when he was born

“Make sure you also season the side”

by StageOne 2 weeks ago

He didn't season his mouth before taking a bite.
Such a beginner's mistake.

by BubbIeNugget 4 days ago

Teacher: no eating in class.
Kids in the back of the class:

by Don S 2 months ago

Ive always wondered but is Gordon's hand fire resistant like dude just straight up flip a burger with his hand

by Pablo Knee Gears 1 week ago

Teacher: What’s your favourite season?

Gordon, an intellectual: Salt

by Aditya Gadepalli 1 week ago

Gordon: “MMMM Look at these burgers”

Camera man: Man look at that table

by ImJustStyles 1 week ago

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