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Navy SEAL and Army Special Forces Operator discuss Fighting Rifle Setup

Garand Thumb photo 1 Navy SEAL and Army Special... Garand Thumb photo 2 Navy SEAL and Army Special... Garand Thumb photo 3 Navy SEAL and Army Special... Garand Thumb photo 4 Navy SEAL and Army Special...

โ€œI was in uniform before you were in liquid form.โ€

Absolute gold.

by T L Shorty Shorty 2 months ago

Always fear an old man in a young man's profession.

by John McLellan 3 weeks ago

I want a video of the Irish guy talking about his times in service.
Dude is a legit badass.

by Alfred F. Jones 1 month ago


-Leprechaun Operator

by 6string42 1 month ago

"I've killed alot if people with 5.56."

Biggest flex ever

by Keegzorr 2 months ago

I love how the Irish dude just nonchalantly says "I've killed alot of people with the 5.56".

by Phoenix Savage 2 months ago

first time in history anyone has talked more than a navy SEAL

by monkeys are funny 1 month ago

You know you a badass when:
You speak and the Navy Seal closes his mouth and opens his ears.

by Yeoman 1 month ago

"Until we get sector secure and then we turn on all the lights and gather intel."
After we've killed everyone, we put a kettle on and dig through their mail.

by Matthew Richards 1 month ago

If you ever put a โ€œPunisherโ€ log on your gun and also dress in camo, but it didnโ€™t make you a better shooter, go ahead and hit the subscribe button.

by Matt 1 month ago

"When I was between armies."

Jesus what a phrase. Imagine going through basic with this guy.

by Ben M 2 months ago

Iโ€™m imagining the Irish guy showing up to an American boot camp as an E1 after everything he had already seen and done. Itโ€™s like starting a game fully powered up on easy mode.

by Joseph Adongay 4 weeks ago

Every "one thousand percent" a mathematician clutches their cat a little tighter

by Karsten B 4 weeks ago

Hatโ€™s off to the Irishman, dedicated American, beloved countryman.

by Duffy 1 month ago

The Irish Fella is pure Badass. People like him Win Wars.

by Martin Getliffe 1 month ago

Ranger: rifle
SEAL: rifle
Flannel Chad: flexing the water bottle

Stay hydrated lads

by HHbrother 2 months ago

You should get these guys back to talk about chest rigs and carriers

by Sweater_Daddy 4 weeks ago

Notice how low key these guys present themselves. These are some dangerous REAL DEAL actual tactical fighters. Very impressive.

by K C 1 month ago

โ€œIve killed a lot of people with 5.56โ€ all 3 chuckle ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Turfking1 Jacome 1 month ago

SF: crazy life story
SEALs: was stud in highschool football

by 11 1 month ago

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