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St. Louis man who went viral defending his property speaks out on 'Tucker'

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Prosecutor takes aim at St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending their home during a protest. #FoxNews #Tucker
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Fox News photo 1 St. Louis man who went... Fox News photo 2 St. Louis man who went... Fox News photo 3 St. Louis man who went... Fox News photo 4 St. Louis man who went...

These rioters are just using racism as an excuse to justify their crimes!!

by POStOLFRONT 1 month ago

I guess protecting your home is racist...

by Devicraft 3 weeks ago

I'm a Taiwanese, even I think these leftist in US are crazy, I hope Trump won 2020 again so i can see these leftist's tears one more time, haha

by bg b 1 week ago

Iโ€™m also a minority and I DO NOT SEE RACISM HERE, I see a man defending his house and family, any logical person would do the same thing. Come on people donโ€™t let all these liberals with their agenda get in our heads this isnโ€™t racism, with no cops around we have to protect ourselves!!!

by J P 3 weeks ago

I feel so bad for this man. The media is a nasty, gnarly thing. Best wishes for him.

by Vonn 3 weeks ago

Once you break into private property itโ€™s no longer โ€œpeacefulโ€

by K P 1 month ago

"I am disturbed" - no need for more words. PEACEFUL - did she not see the destroyed gate? This woman should be sued for aiding criminals.

by Boe Dillard 3 weeks ago

So is breaking down gates and storming in with 300 people shouting and screaming and being violent is peaceful now?

by Oliver Blackhall 3 weeks ago

The prosecutor is a clown if she thinks what the protesters were doing were "peaceful". Nothing wrong with defending yourself either.

by iiWeed 2 weeks ago

I see this as looting, stealing, robbing by tresspassing in the guise of a so-called peaceful protest. Had the rioters not seen those weapon for sure that couple would have been statistics by now.

by chell 3 weeks ago

The trespassers lost their right to claim "peacefully protesting" when they broke into private property.

by Lee Boy 1 month ago

They broke the gate to get in...
THATS breaking and entering, should have started piling up bodies at the gate.

by Cec Farns 3 weeks ago

That DA clearly has never read the Constitution. She should be dishonorably removed from office.

by Vampire14 3 weeks ago

I'm black..and this man was just defending himself..thank god in independent party so I can think logically SMH

by roland schitt 3 weeks ago

If this man and his wife are charged with a crime and found guilty then we are officially in a civil war. People better wake up.

by MSScout86 1 week ago

She needs to be removed from office! I stand with the homeowners!

by Just Me 1 month ago

That's not protesting that man's house has nothing to do with the problems of the police and racist

by Static SMG 3 weeks ago

As a non american. Why is everything white/black, democrat/republican? Your country is so divided, it's ridiculous and sad.

by Glen B 3 weeks ago

Apparently, some people think that setting fire to buildings is a form of peaceful protest.
Apparently, some people think that looting stores is a form of peaceful protest.
Apparently, some people think that tearing down fences is a form of peaceful protest.

Apparently, some people didn't learn the English language very well.

by Jason Brown 3 weeks ago

DA Kimberly Gardner should resign. Breaking a gate is not a peaceful protest. Trespassing on private property is not a peaceful protest. Shouting and making threats is not a peaceful protest. This DA is a disaster.

by Bye! Bye! Watchtower 3 weeks ago

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